Marcus Lascivious Crasus

The Mad Pride Movement

This is a somewhat impotent topic in Canada at the moment.  Don’t know if I can say that without being horse whipped, hog tied, and thrown in jail?  If I should offend any person here who still has all their marbles, it is purely coincidental!  Contrary to popular belief, the down-right Coo Coo among us are the saviors of this planet!  Read all about it here:

More about Marcus

His Mother visits him once a week, always certain to bring him a care package of assorted goods, much of which, Marcus likes to donate to The Food Bank.  I guess so he can feel that his Mother is contributing to a good cause in the community.  She also brings him freshly bought books to read.  A recent one is entitled: ‘The Gifts of Spiritual Madness.’  His Mother looks white, yet Marcus professes to being part Portuguese, and part Trinidad.  His hilarious sense of humor and compassion toward others are what first attracted me to Marcus; aside from the fact that we met at The Nut House.  LOL!  We’ve been good friends now for well over 20 years.  And he is The Drummer in our band: ‘The Decrepit.’

Old Trinidad Joke

Marcus told me this joke and I just thought I’d share it with you…  This Guyanese man goes up to an old Trinidad man and sells him a coca-nut, explaining to the Trinidad man that it was a precious Race Horse Egg, and that of corpse, he must sit on the egg for a couple of days for it to hatch.  After a week of this, the frustrated Trinidad man looked at the coca-nut and said: ‘This is no good!’  So he threw it into the woods, scaring off a cat, leading the Trinidad man to believe he just lost his baby Race Horse.  (SHABOOM!)  LOL!

It was Marcus first brought my attention to The Mad Pride Movement, and so I just thought I would share that with you.  Or: ‘HEY! COME SEE WHAT THE NUTS ARE UP TO!’  Just to refresh you; Marcus is the guy who found his own money, on the floor, at The Bank, and thought he was rich…  Marcus is a Paranoid Schizophrenic, and a good friend of mine; Us Nuts tend to cluster together :O)


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