‘Hey Hey we’re The Monkeys!’



In the past, we’ve failed to recognize the true intellect of our simian friends..  However more modern techniques have revealed a kind of social behavior in them that very much mimics our own. I don’t think experience is really our best teacher, but History; I think History more accurately depicts human nature: i.e. the thinks we might pursue, and the things we might avoid.  Monkeys is now proven, learn from their mistakes as well, and have learned to chill, lay back, and have some fun.  For example, take this Baseball fan:

Thinking Monkey_1a

Notice he has acquired great wealth, and enjoys the game as much as we do.  This is a clear sign of intelligence on a more human level!

Just how social are monkeys though?  They certainly look after their own, as do we.  It goes deeper than that though, there is also interaction, planning and of corpse, the use of a few illicit drugs now and again as freely displayed by the attire of this simian from Africa:

Thinking Monkey_9

This young lady most certainly EXHIBITS social culture in a more human like, advanced and complex form; clearly into complex rituals, and really cool friends, what Homo Sapience wouldn’t treat her as their equal?

Our native Simian brothers and sisters can also display genuine happiness as well:

Mokey thinking_2

Plus they work hard to please, in hopes of possible recognition and a promotion:

Monkey thinking_3

And even if they’re let’s say, a little overly indulgent, they still get up on time to get ready for work:

Thinking Monkey_6

They have a sense of humor:

Thinking monkey_5

And they dream about their future, and the many possibilities therein:

Monkey thinking_1

With all of its fears and anxiety:

Monkey Thinking_7

Plus, they look a lot like us:

Thinking Monkey_4

I think I’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. that these are in fact, people too!  Wouldn’t you like one of these adorable pets, for your very own?  Well now you can for just three easy payments of $642.67.  Isn’t a Monkey worth as much as a human?  Well then?  Write to:


A real suck job;

P.O. box 666,

222 Temporary St.,

One Horse Town,

Nebraska, U.S.

Zip: 999999


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