Who Brushed Who Off?

Act 1: Scene 1

Have you ever been caught in the middle between satisfying two different peoples request?  Have you ever been: ‘Stuck in The Middle’?  My schizophrenic friend:  Marcus Lascivious Crassness wanted me over to his house, and I wanted to go because I really wanted to get my exercise in (a 45 minute walk) and lift my weights (Only 12 times cuz they’re really heavy.  OK?

The trouble is, Leslie The Seven Headed Hydra is bed ridden again today because she didn’t heed my caution to keep here cane with her.  So she fell, and broke her back again, in the same place!  Now of corpse, I have to do everything for her and this house, and my friends.  It’s a real soap opera every day around here.  Besides which, I only told Marcus that I ‘might’ come down.

Act 2: Scene 2

So I call Marcus and explain that Leslie is in rough shape so I can’t make it today.  And because Leslie and Marcus hate each other, Marcus won’t come over here.  Anyway, that’s another story altogether.  So Marcus said: ‘This is the last time you’re gonna brush me off like this!’  And before he could say anything else, I said: ‘OK.  Goodbye’.  And hung up.  At this point, I tried to return to blogging yet couldn’t remember what I was going to blog about…  So I tried to think of what it was…

Act 3: Scene 3 

Marcus kept phoning me back.  That’s OK…  The phones set to ring only four times.  He just kept phoning back then like the psychopath he is…  He turns into such a suck!  So I turned his call over to The Hydra.  Then she’ll come dump on me cuz I have nutty friends.  See now why it’s so hard for me to think around here?  You know?  ‘If that’s moving up then I’m moving out!’ Billy Joel.  As for Marcus The Clown?  He’ll settle down in due time.  The mind can be a funny thing.  And peace of mind can be a much sought after commodity to seek out…  Maybe I just need new friends…  And always get stuck in the middle in a running war between The Hatfield’s and The Mac. Coy’s.  <Sigh…>


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