How Where and When Will Christ Appear?

To answer the ‘When’ part of this question, Christ is already here.  Yes you read me correctly.  In fact, it is He who is causing this old, antiquated, unfair, unjust and cruel system to crumble.  This is one of the signs that He is hear, as described in The bible, (The collapse of this system).  As for ‘Where’, he will not appear in physical form this time.  His arrival is described by the Latin word: ‘Perusia’. meaning: Omnipresent, or being of spiritual influence at different places at the same time; much the same way as lightning does, striking the Earth some 7000 times a day!  And How?  He is here to pit us all against each other.  You are experiencing these heart aches and trials right now, as part of: ‘The Great Tribulation’.

A man fends off would-be looters from a liqour store at 3rd and Berendo streets during the second day of rioting. The man, wearing a white glove, was able to keep the mob at bay until police units arrived. Larry Davis / Los Angeles Times

What is it we must face then?

Everything we fear about ourselves, or more rightly, the animal that lives within us.  The only way to keep this beast within us all under control, is going to have to be through you exhibiting complete control and understanding.  By showing exemplary behavior, going out of your way to care for others, knowing that many are in trouble right now.  It’s about standing up and defending one another, feeding and loving The Poor, and forgiving one another for our trespasses.  It about helping the disabled, and the infirm among us, protecting our children’s future, and discarding bad habits that are ruining your own bodies and minds.

It’s a long time of tests and endurance.  This is how Christ will separate the sheep from the wolves; or if you like, those who will help one another from those who don’t; those who cause trouble from those who won’t; those who will turn a blind eye from those who will truly go out of their way to make this world a better place.  With Christ’s help, he is preparing us for the Great Battle of Armageddon; or the war between those of us that give a flying rats ass, from those who don’t…  If I may be Frank, or Don, or Bill, party time is over!  And it’s time for the real work to begin!


It’s time for us to???

It’s time for us to feed all the hungry, by seeking them out and giving them a peanut-butter sandwich…  It’s time to fork out for cars that run electrically, on hydrogen or bio-fuels to clean up our atmosphere, including harsh (Shut Down) penalties to factories that haven’t yet converted to a nonpolluting form.  We must save our oceans and forests NOW!  People should not be paid unfairly, so that we can begin to lower the incidence of crime.  This is caused by the greedy and should be circumvented by law; most especially for hard labor.

We should make certain all farms have moved toward using predatory insects to rid crops of pests and away from pesticides.  Organically grown food should be cheaper, encouraging people to eat healthy, not expensive, encouraging Diabetes and Obese population.  It’s even time to stop eating hamburgers and quickly reduce the production of methane producing cows which are presently three times more polluting than what comes out of our cars.  That much protein is a shock to the system and we all know the chaos produced when a system falls!  And let’s build lite houses we can float away in OK? I guess that’s enough of a beating for now?  No!

If we’d just hurry up and invent an orgazmatron, who needs rape?  We will soon have nano materials to wear that will prevent viruses from entering our bodies if we yet know what oral hygiene means?  Where are you going to get the money unless you have sought a career, and well meaning task in attempt to better things.  Huh?  Or do you just prefer to keep working for unscrupulous employers?  Hold on to your bald heads, this is merely the tip of the ice-burg…



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