Helloooooo There!

My Big Fat Apology

My dearest Internet Friends, Poets, Authors, Photographers, Artists, Philosophers, people just bumming around on The Internet…  Please allow myself to roll in the mud for you and eat dirt!  I’m so sorry I was away so long, feeling like I just don’t care. I’m being abused by a sick redneck and her son what thinks it needs a gourmet meal every 58 seconds.  I didn’t mean to keep you in waiting.  It’s just difficult to come up with ideas for blogging when you’re constantly being traumatized right after you’ve just cut down on your meds.  That’s all you need to know.  OK?  LOL!

I’m feeling much better now that my big fat stone feel into my tiny Bladder; however, it fell into a big fat nodule at the top of my bladder.  This can lead to infection in time.  For now I am out of the woods concerning my big fat kidney stone.  That relieved a lot of pressure of me so I was able to combat: ‘The Seven Headed Hydra’ from Heck successfully and return to saying strange things on my computer.

Other great news…  I always wondered (for two years now… Dah!) why I was always exercising, lifting weights , and still weighed 200 lbs. soaking wet?  It was a simply rule I wasn’t following.  Yes my X-friends I too was over-eating!  The pan calling the surface greasy, was behaving like a genuine, honest to badness Hippo-Twit!  The simple rule?  ‘Never eat after eight!’  I was in fact gorging myself.  Since I’ve implemented this simple rule, I gone down to an incredible 190 with all my heavy clothes on, which means I must be 185 now, butt naked…

Lesson Learned

This is a valuable lesson The Bible teaches us;  that we must be constantly watch concerning ourselves, looking for any slip from grace with God!  We are all imperfect being and therefore subject to twisted thinking sometimes.  We’re all a bit coo-coo in our own way; like the time I went to The Beer Store in my underwear…  I guess I wanted to show off.  They had cute little pictures of pot plants all over them.  I don’t mean to rip the wings off of insects.  I can’t help it!  I can’t go to an Anger Management class.  I’m afraid I’ll just get angry at them :O(



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