Poor Hygiene in The Work Force

Tim Horton’s Drive Through

Antoninus (my best friend) and I were driven through Tim Horton’s.  I didn’t want anything.  Antoninus wanted a coffee.  So the service woman at the window picks her butt, and then wipes her nose, put the lid on, and goes to hand it to Antoninus.  So Antoninus spoke right up.  He said: ‘If I just wiped my butt and nose and went to had a coffee to you, would you take it?’  She said: ‘No.’  So Antoninus said: ‘Fine then.  Will you please go wash your hands and make me another coffee?’  And she did too.  So she should!

All workers who deal with food and the public should be wearing germ repelling gloves and a hair net!  No wonder we’re all walking around with colds and flu’s…  I’ve seen people at salad bars, transferring food from one container to another, with their bare hands!  Not a great idea!  In my opinion all food should be cooked right in front of you so you can see what they’re doing!  And money needs some kind of slippery nano coating so germs and viruses can’t stick to them…


The rich are not exempt from this practice

Rafael Nadal does it all the way through all of his matches! ; He picks at his butt, he rubs some on his ears, wipes his nose and serves the ball.  Now the ball boys/girls pick up the used balls and catch whatever Nadal may have contracted during his world-wide touring schedule.  Not all of them think to wash their hands before they pick their noses.  The only difference is, with Nadal, is an obsessive compulsive disorder. 



5 thoughts on “Poor Hygiene in The Work Force

  1. in India, well, hygiene is poor almost everywhere, its a nightmare for women who dont work in corporates, big companies or government offices!

    As for food joints, we prefer keeping our minds shut 🙂 while we gorge

  2. I’m back… I’m living in a deep depression with a dying redneck and her son what thinks it needs a gourmet meal every 58 seconds… Things like this stop helicopters from flying! LOL! My motivation has come back to me now :O)

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