A tiny nano idea

They work with glass…

I wear bifocals, and the thing that I find annoying about them, is, that if I hold something to read, exactly 10 inches from my face, it looks magnified and perfectly clear.  If I look at the ground though, them, everything is blurry.  A makes for a blurry sky as well.  It must annoy everybody who wear these God awful inventions; especially when you’re trying to walk down stairs, and see double of everything!  You could be in for a nasty fall one day…




So here’s my idea:

Why can’t we make bifocals out of a very thin, transparent material that adjusts for your vision through them via gravity?  When you look up, they would sag inward, just enough to bring a magnified view of the sky into focus.  If you look through them straight ahead, they would reform to reading mode.  If you look down, they would sag forward, just the right amount to bring the ground into focus?  Why can’t we do that?  And don’t say it’s already been done, or I’ll jump out of a basement window!




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