The Most Important Thing in The World

‘The most important thing in the world isn’t knowledge, because it is limited.  The most Important thing in the world, is imagination, because it is unlimited!’

-Albert Einstein

New Inventions

This is an Artists concept of a plasma powered rocket, that travels faster and burns fuel slower than conventional liquid fueled rockets.  They have one draw-back though.  They can only attain speeds great enough to be useful for travel within our own solar system, including Oort Cloud, limiting it’s capacity to about half a light year, or about 3 trillion miles distance from Earth.

Plasma Powered Space-craft

Unlimited Speed

Below, is an Artists concept of an Ion powered inter-stellar space craft, that can approach 99% the speed of light (186,243 miles per second).  Ion power seems to be a weak force a first, propelling the space craft very slowly.  Yet as the propellant is applied on a continual basis, the craft would have picked up enough speed to pass Neptune in two weeks!  Feather more, Ions are abundant on Earth and is extremely compact so that huge, bulky space ships wouldn’t be necessary…   This technology already exists, so we are now preparing people for the rigors of Inter-stellar space travel!  

Ion Powered Space-craft


My silly ideas

I thought while I was shaving this morning, [Why don’t they invent a cream a man can put on his face before they go to sleep (In the royal position of corpse), and simply rinse off in the morning, along with all the facial hair]?  Then Leslie said: ‘It’s already been invented’.  And so I said: ‘Awe darn it all to Heck!  If it’s already been invented, why aren’t I using it?  Perhaps it didn’t catch on because of the lack of people who feel comfortable sleeping in the royal position (On your back).  Or maybe Dumbo (Me), didn’t look for it hard enough.

I thought of another one though, while I was looking at Leslie’s Cane.  Why can’t it have a steel handle, and then you just use a band around your hand with a metal plate, and it would keep people from ever dropping their canes again.  In fact, we can make the magnet so powerful, that they can never put them down…

I know!  We could go to a seeing-eye dog convention, and steal all their hamburgers!  Don’t forget about the dangerous side of imagination; it’s a two way street.





6 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing in The World

  1. [ Smiles ] Your shaving cream idea isn’t a bad one; however, the issue is that a person can soil their bed-sheet while they are asleep; too many fine hairs to remove from the fabric of one’s sheet the following morning.

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