I am furious!

Leslie’s daughter in-law called her today (Leslie’s Birthday), and told he she will not be aloud to be present for the birth of her grand-daughter!  Feather-more, they’re choosing between the family name (Austin), and the name her daughter in-law chose: (Damien)  Great name, that represented Satan in: ‘The Omen’!  And it’s all because Leslie is Catholic and her daughter in-law is not. Leslie’s X refuses to handle the problem, and her son is too messed up to be effective either.

It’s just these hypocritical lines drawn between different Religions that I’m talking about!  What a sin! And with a name like ‘Damien’ he’ll be teased about his name all through public school!  ‘Youth is wasted on the young’! (It’s a Wonderful Life).  Grrrrrrrrr!



3 thoughts on “I am furious!

    • Because of that foolishness, he’ll probably grow up to actually be a Damien! What’s in a name? Plenty! Thanks a Heep for your input Sharm… I’ve calmed down now. Still don’t like it though…

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