Nowhere Man

Nowhere Man


With all the loving and care this world can give,

A Doctor decided I should not be allowed to live!

I was given a heart, a brain and an ability to help others;

Yet not according to any would-be Mothers


I felt the blade ripping through my guts,

And had to ask: ‘Who is this Putts’?

All the joy taken from me far too soon;

T’was certainly the deed of a loon!


While so many billions of you stick together like glue;

I can’t even wish for the power to tell you,

It was just not the thing to do…

Nor was there a thing to think through!


Before I saw the world, it was gone;

It was the only way I could move on,

So imagine this, if it’s possible that you can?

I’m the real Nowhere Man!

sleeping newborn


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