Should abortions be legal?  And if it is tantamount to murder, is it still murder without our awareness of it?  Not only does The Bible set this matter straight, there is actual video evidence that the fetus is aware of outside sounds, and can actually feel pain during the first trimester!  A heart-wrenching video shows a Doctor’s hand entering the womb with a scalpel, during the first trimester, cutting off limbs, and the fetus desperately trying to make its way to the far side of the womb to avoid it!  Beyond this, The Bible enlightens us conclusively just how, and when human life begins…


Ps. 139:13-16  ‘You [Jehovah God] kept me screened off in the belly of my mother…  Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing.’

Has God ever stated that a person would be called to account for injury to an unborn child?  Notice at no time in this scripture does God specify any length of term or trimester.

Ex.21:22,23   ‘If men should struggle with each other and they hurt a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely*+ but no fatality* results, the offender must pay the damages imposed on him by the husband of the woman; and he must pay it through the judges.+ 23  But if a fatality does occur, then you must give life for life.’ 

I know the circumstances are quite dire for a young woman or teenager, that they are to loose there freedom, and be saddled with an unwanted child because the Father took off!  There are moral implications for a child to be raised fatherless as well!  We must all be reminded though, that a child is considered a wonderful gift from Gods own seminal fluids, LOL, and not a burden to us!  Also, for those women who don’t trust the pill, and feel a diaphragm might do damage, I hear for men, a condemn has come out for their hot dogs that is 40 % thinner, and allows all due horniness, with almost full sensation!

So my personal advice would be to use proper protection, and avoid the implications of abortion altogether…  BTW, there are plenty of single mothers around with agencies that help finance them, so you can fully enjoy this tremendous blessing from our creator.  Notice the structure, and detail that is already apparent in the photo…  Birth is supposed to be a joyful occasion for everyone involved.  Abortion?  Big No No!

Below…  Fetus aborted at 21 weeks


21 weeks


6 thoughts on “Abortion

  1. Oh dear…This is a really difficult one and a sad one as well. I agree with you 100%, children are an immerse joy.
    I’m a follower of Christ and as you, I believe every life is precious. There are always mitigating circumstances that often leads to that heart wrenching decision to end a life;however, I believe if we could open our hearts as women and shove fear away, we would ultimately make the right decision.

    It takes love to overcome this fear and make that ultimate sacrifice, not for us, the pregnant one, but for the unborn child. This is assuming our world was better in every area it should be. If courage wins and a female, regardless of circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, decides to have the child and give it up for care by someone else, we must be sure there are secure good places these children will be placed.
    We have politicians messing up everything, they talk the talk,but when it comes to the crunch…they abandon ship.
    It makes no sense to fight for a fetus, only to abandon it when it’s born. I still believe our world needs to awaken to the horror females of varying ages face, and be a little more sympathetic and offer logical and doable alternatives to abortion.
    Kids need more education, not just the mediocrity taught in schools, but serious raw conversations. Some may say contraception itself is another form of abortion, but where do we draw this line. The only other thing more perverse than what we talk about, are those who are careless with themselves. They use abortion as a form of contraception and that is the most heinous of acts.
    This is one for deep thoughts friend…On another note, how are you doing? All clear now?
    Be well 🙂

    • Hi Dotta; I’m so glad you actually have a running conversation going here! No wonder I’m so fond of you… Asking the Government for help is like asking a giraffe for directions. Mighty impressive looking, but has no idea what you need. Seems elections now-a-days gives us a choice of bad, or worse. This system is falling, and needs new ideas to make things just, and fair for everyone, rather than just a select few…

      I was thinking that Mothers could perhaps get together, like they did for drunk drivers: ‘MADD’. With: ‘Mothers Against Medical Abortions’ or ‘MAMA’. LOL! The seriousness of this has to be addressed, and nobody is going to do it for us. They would assist young new mothers with an allowance for food, diapers, medical care, proper counseling etc.., if we could set that up for them.

      I’m fully aware of the difficulty of this problem, and that it will require the masses to work it out, yet it’s quite doable! I know what they face. At first, many young expecting Moms really want their babies! By the time all their relatives (sometimes hoards of them) insist it’s the the thing to do, or they will abandon both baby, and mother, and their friends back that up, and even their Doctor suggests it, they are so confused that they figure, if all of these people are telling me to do it, they must be right! A lot of pressure is on them to do so… To turn this around will require a huge effort! And the new Fathers are not exempt from this either. When this system does fall (soon), the road blocks will come down. My task, is to try, and get people morally involved so this can happen. I’m sure there are a number of us out there working on it. So we’ll need to heed the implications! And how do we know that The Government won’t turn around, and declare it murder themselves, and start locking these women up? We need to fortify our faith and actually get media attention to start the ball rolling, and do this thing, so important to expecting Mothers everywhere! Thanks Dotta for your amazing input! Your concerns reflect a great hope among many!

      • You my friend always manage to stir something in me with your choice of posts. You have also touched on a point I initially forgot to touch on, the fathers. They have to share in this as well,as society places great pressure on females. I agree that ultimately, they make the final decision. You raise a good point regarding attitudes and pressure from family,peers and even doctors.

        The odd cases of when the females life is in jeopardy, does also come in, but I believe you are talking of the more rampart cancer we’ve been plagued by for years.
        As a mother of 7, I preach abstinence to all my children. My four girls hear the same things my 3 boys hear from me. I would never encourage abortion under any circumstance, save of course for danger to life etc.

        Parents shirk so many responsibilities these days, it’s far more easier to hand over the pill or contraception. In our schools, kids could have advise on abortion and sex, but ironic that they will not allow the Bible in there.

        As you, I’m doing my bit and I will continue. I have a two year old nephew, who no one in my family can even begin to imagine life without. His mom was so scared and confused on finding out she was pregnant with him, she sort our ( her 3 big sis) advise and we told her we would support her in anyway with the baby. The rest is history 🙂
        She went on to graduate college, is still with her partner and is a more responsible parent at 24 than many 40 year olds I know 🙂
        This is a typical example of the support you meant right? 🙂
        We will never quit dear, hope always!
        Take care of yourself.

    • I’m fully aware of that. Unless we brainstorm it though, there’ll never be a viable solution. More babies have died since 1972 than all the soldiers of all the wars we’ve ever had!

      • These statistics are frightening and very sad indeed! It’s a collective problem,not alien to class or creed. I agree, we all need to be a part of this brainstorming, we owe it to our future.

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