Dearest WordPress Friends;

I sincerely apologize for creating such a stir, and wide-spread panic!  I have decided to stay because of your support and because it’s been suggested that it just may be a glitch, and it just may be.  I don’t think.  I just get angry first because of my depression, and then I think.  So things are a little backwards for me.  LOL!  You may all go on having sex now…




11 thoughts on “Dearest WordPress Friends;

      • no instructions, just being a friend is enough, I always check out the blogs of my friends, read whatever they write, even if their posts dont show up in my reader’s pane, and if they dont write for long i have a tendency to pester- beware! 🙂

        i believe as we dont meet each other physically, we compensate that by visiting a handful of selected friends every day we are online (none of us is online 365 days a year), to read what they have to say, to catch up what we have missed, in gist to have a communication through comments on their blogs and response to their comments.

        I will be glad if you join that little group. You can check out my other friends, those who comment regularly and see if you find some other friends.

        I can assure about my friendship only. 🙂

      • Thank you wonderful girl for whom I’m so pleased to know! I will take care of this very soon. It’s just one of those days when everybody needs me for something… xOx

      • It would be my extreme please to be your friend too! Guess I haven’t told you I like you yet. OK… I like you! LOL! And thank you so much for letting me into your circle. It means a lot to me! I will try to get to know them as well! Do you know you are a very pleasant person yet :O)

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