Does this scene look familiar to you?

    Well it certainly does to me!  Don’t be like this man.  Swear at your computer instead.  That’s right Canadian counter parts.  IT’S TAX TIME AGAIN!  Get out you Calculus book, and begin studying!  LOL!

You know, it helps sometimes to weed out Bills from people who are being unfair with you, charging you enormously ridiculous interest charges for non-payment issues for example.  Sometimes, you can just phone up the company in question, and cut a deal with them, such as I did with my Cable company, which allows me to  speak with you BTW.  I was protruded over their enormous monthly bills of $260 for Phone, TV, and Internet.  So I didn’t pay them, yet I was able to get my debt cut in half if I would just pay that.  I wanted to be able to watch criminals, rapists and serial killers on TV, so I agreed to stay eligible for reconnection just in-case I should leave my beloved lunatic, other half.

Ya know, Leslie tries to do it over the computer every year, and every year, it just gets more frustrating for her, so I know how a lot of you are feeling out there.  Don’t through your Grandmother in front of a bus!  Do like I do and go to H&R Block!

I’m posting this through: ‘Live Writer’ to see if IT (I’m relying on an ‘IT’…) can get me onto Reader…  I hope you don’t mind my experimenting with you?  OK!  I’m turning on the current Now!  BZZZZZZZZZZ!!!



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