Dearest Word-press People;

I have been eying ‘The Reader’ now for over an hour and neither have my posts come up: ‘What Valentines Day means to me’ and ‘If Pigs could fly’.  It will be 3, should you decide not to post this one.  Was it something I said, or is this a technical problem?

: Spartacus 2030


6 thoughts on “Dearest Word-press People;

  1. Sorry that you’ll be leaving. Reader has its problems, too many count on these days. Unfortunately, with all the tinkering they’ve done with the feature it’s become useless in my book. Sometimes, it’s plagued by caching in the browser, sometimes the post just doesn’t show. I’ve had those kind of problems with the current blog as well as with my old blog (which I took down 2-1/2 years ago). I’ve enjoyed your writing very much.

    Best regards – David

    • After a hopeful and thoughtfully cunning comment such as this, I might just stay as a house pest! You’re all obviously still able to read my posts, so it’s still your choice… I can see your responses all over my stats. Thank you David! :O)

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