My Goodness


As part of the condition for my ‘Sunshine Award’, I must name seven (7) good traits about me.  Good grief!  It will be a small miracle if I can find two (2)!  Just remember, this was NOT my idea…  I thought about it for a couple of days and came to the contusion that I’m not good.  I just know how to hide that’s all!  LOL!  Never-the-less, I will do my duty and try to get on with this farce…  I will be as honest and forth-right as I can.  I just got another award, which means I’m going to have to come up with seven more goody-two-shoes things, so by the time I’m finished, I should be up there some where with Superman (an obvious alien)!

My Goodness 

  1. I am honest and forth-right. Honestly, I get more trouble than good from that.  I think it the right thing to do, yet sometimes it backfires on me because of the backward world we live in.
  2. I let my ‘Yes’ mean yes, and my ‘No’ mean no.  Even The Bible describes human nature as backward in this way; if a man says he will do something, he will probably get side-tracked or forget, and end up not doing it.  If he says he will NOT do it, his conscience will play on him, and he’ll end up doing it anyway.
  3. I am very disciplined, so I saw to it that I quit all my bad habits.  I quit smoking cigarettes because I was tired of being out of breath all the time.  I quit drinking because my Daddio died  from that at the tender age of forty-five (45).  Plus I didn’t like the way it changed my disposition.  And I quit smoking pot because it made my bring up sputum every single morning for at least an hour and a half, and because I wanted a clear head.  Yet more rightly, I quit it because I knew there are drug wars over it, and by paying for it, I was helping to promote the death of others, and that’s not what I want to do!
  4. I blog every Sunday that I can about The Scriptures of The Bible, not so much to convert people to believe in God, as to promote the wonderful, and extremely helpful council it provides!  I know we all have our own belief system.  I also know that few of us implement it.  What I’d like to see, is the best of all belief put together into a new book we all can follow together.
  5. I’m a great cook and house marm!  LOL!  When my Mummy taught me to cook, I was mostly confined to Crap Dinner, Hot Dogs, and boiling water.  After living with various women however, I learned numerous tricks of the trade, and expanded my cooking and prep prowess to a great number of healthy and tasty dishes;  like grool…  I new nothing about that ’til I met a sexy Bohemian girl…
  6. My sense of humor seems to hook me up with others easily, so I can initiate projects with much less effort than usually is the case.  So friends?  Not a problem.
  7. I openly seek to help others.  I’ve been that way ever since I was a kid, and brought home my first lame duck!  The women I hook up with are usually bed ridden now to some extent or other, so I serve them where and when they are unable to.  I furnish those who can’t afford it, with food and clothing, give street people a bed for the night, and set them up with a half-way house the next day, and am generous to a fault that way. so that’s ‘My Goodness’.



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