Nothing is real!

Reflected light

We don’t see the actual color of any object we view.  Say you see a blue chair.  All of the colors are absorbed, and blue is the only color it CAN’T absorb, so blue, is the color that’s reflected back at you.  Therefore, the chair is really every other color EXCEPT blue!  How does this figure?  We see a very narrow range of the visible light spectrum.  Bees for instance, can see all the way up to ultra-violet light range, which gives them much more colors than we can perceive!  In fact, it points out to them, just where the pollen is, except they don’t see it as yellow.  The see it as red!  So bananas might not really be yellow!  They might be pink.  Perhaps a stop sign really is blue, when you factor in the full color spectrum of visible light, including infra-red, which has very long wave length,s and resides at the lower end of the spectrum.  Ultra-violet light is at the upper end.

Is color real then?

No.  All the colors we see reside within Grey-scale.  Colors then are in fact very dull before they reach our brains; just tints and shades…  Below is how a plate of fruit might look before our brains spice it up.

Denzel_Fruit Bowl_2

And hear is the same plate of fruit pictured below, after our brains accentuate the colors…  And don’t forget, they are only the colors we see that aren’t absorbed, and are only reflected back at us.  The  world really looks very dull and are all the wrong colors, because of the narrow spectrum we have access to.  All backwards from what we really believe.  Murder isn’t murder either.  It’s really REDRUM! REDRUM! REDRUM!  LOL!  So if a blue chair really is comprised of other colors, and the colors out there are only tints and shades, we really aren’t seeing the truth at all, but an illusion that our brains conjure up to make things more pleasing to the eye…  See?  All backwards…

Denzel_Fruit Bowl


6 thoughts on “Nothing is real!

  1. when my elder brother first told us this, it took me days to understand it. you are right, our vision of things is a tricky field, thing about colour blind people or those who are partially color blind!

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