Kidney Stones

One thing leads to another

It never seems to fail that when one thing goes wrong in my body, it ticks off another.  And so it goes as we age.  I managed to beat the flu finally, yet now I have a kidney stone to deal with; anyone who’s ever had them knows how painful they can be.  The long and short of it is, if it’s small enough, I can pass it within a couple of weeks.  If not, I’ll need two operations on top of the two that I just had.; a Colonoscopy and a Gasteroscopy.  For both of those, you remain awake, and they’re both painful procedures.  LOL!  It never rains but it pours!  The first operation for stones, they remove the stone, and put a ‘stent’ in.  This is a mesh that surrounds the now damaged ethra, and allows it to heal for 10 days.  Then I go for the second operation to take the stent out.  I’m going for an ultrasound to find out my fate tomorrow morning…  I’m heavily sedated so it’s hard to post, though I’m working on one diligently that requires special attention.

Don’t worry.  Either way, I’ll be posting more regular again within a month barring no further complications.  I’m still quite devoted to your success and will always continue to work toward that for all of you who ‘try’, as well as learn from those more advanced than myself.  I was very pleased to see my blog seems to have it’s own life now, and receiving so many healthy visitations.  We’re 130 strong now troupes!  I hope to be back with all of you soon.  Meanwhile, God bless and be with you always!

Kidney stone

Kidney stone capturing device…


4 thoughts on “Kidney Stones

  1. Bless you too dear friend and I wish you all the best. As we say in my home town, if it’s not this, it would have been something worse; so we are happy with this eh?lol
    I know it will all be well and you will up and about again. I unfortunately went through the gall stones, oh sweet Lord!
    Now I have birthed 7 babies, all natural and God so kind to me, without pain relief as I somehow foolishly opted for this. I still swear I would rather birth 7 more, twice all the pain, than go through a gall stone nightmare. I think I have a pretty good idea what you are going through, I’m so sorry.

    sending my prayers Sparts 🙂 You’ll be good.

    • Dotta; you seem to me, to be the type of girl who definitely has a genuine concern for others! This rates you very highly on my care-giving list. LOL! I don’t have to imagine the excruciating pain you must of endured with gall stones, and seven kids too! Oh my! You certainly have your hands full too.

      I did the same as you passing stones because I believed feeling the pain was progress to passing it. I wound up in bed with my legs spread wide, like I was giving birth and cursing a blue streak without even knowing it, but oddly enough, it got rid of the pain. I will most gladly accept your prayers Dotto. I need them! We’re going to be friends, I just know it! :O)

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