The peculiar case of Nostradamus


A most chilling prediction

Sometime around 1533, Nostradamus suffered with a life-long condition that eventually lead to congestive heart failure.  Some 200 years later, three grave robbers violated his grave.  One of them began to drink wine from Nostrils skull!  Around Nostrils neck, they found an amulet.  He’d had the amulet inscrolled, with the exact date of his death!  One of them opened the amulet, and found a note folded up inside .He opened it and was shocked to see that it was dated the very day that they were robbing the grave…

The note said: That on this day, the one drinking wine from my skull will be killed by a shooter in the near-by woods…  Moments later, a shot rang out from the woods, and the man drinking from the skull, fell to the ground, dead.  True story!


6 thoughts on “The peculiar case of Nostradamus

  1. hi darrell hows your new year going? im depressed but that goes along with my condition anyway made worse by canadian winters and monday blahs. I pray for a good year for all of us i hope its the our ship comes in, so to speak. Nostradomis is definately a character that stands out in history but these kinds of unsanswered questions about the world have bothered me since childhhod. i dont like un explainable things everything must have an explanation even if it is divine i want to know the facts about everything unanswered. i wonder why we dont know about our own past? why are we as a human race so confused about ourselves and where we came from? i need to know the answeres or i must disengage from a topic to avoid becoming irritated by my own curiousity. i even look for answeres in dreams, poetry,religion,science,art,music and i still am left wondering.

    • Why were you born? Most people can’t explain that one. You might get something like: ‘Well I wanted to be a Boxer but I ended up selling shoes…’

      The problem with explaining such things is that it happened so long ago. Ways of authenticating things in the 1700’s, were in lack of the tools and know-how we posses today. However, the man was pretty much bang on with his predictions. It’s not unnatural either to have those in possession of super-nature powers, evident in even todays culture….

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