You can learn a Iot about someone by dating.  I always thought that’s why dating was invented! I would always give her my number if I liked her, and if she called me back, that looks like a big, green lite to me. Body language usually says it all; does she lean forward when you speak, or sit back, with less interest? If you both feel comfortable and know it, you can always try for the big goodnight kiss, Then you know for sure. Did she give you her cheek? Bad sign. Did she pull away first? There’s always lots to let you know what’s going on before all three stages separate and you achieve lift off…  And of corpse without contact with Huston, you may splash down without making it to orbit at all…

Let her make the first move.

If she is impressed enough, she may just give you her number without you having to suggest a thing.  Don’t ask for it though.  I tried that when I met my second wife.  I reached some burly sounding guy named Mat.  I had given her (Miriam) my number as well, and when she was ready, she called me.    My motto as always been, look at what everybody else does, and then don’t do it!

Here’s the funny thing though.  Love never happens when you’re looking for it.  I’ve never chosen a woman in my life.  They’ve always picked me.  And that’s the way I want it; at least then I feel there’s a chance they could really care.  I met Miriam at a ‘Singles Dance.’  And I didn’t even want to go!  I was talked into it by a friend because there were going to be two women there, and he needed someone to occupy one, while he occupied the other.  Finally, after he bugged me for an hour, I agreed to go along.  I very nearly didn’t meet her at all…  As it turned out, Triny, the one who spoke much less, was the more mature of the two.

Don’t be too professional…

Talk too much, and you may just miss out on everything!  Discussing themselves too much is a common mistake a lot of men make.  Turn your interest to her; it sometimes helps to compose a mental list before you go, of questions you might like to ask her (that aren’t too personal).  I’m absolutely serious!  Nothing is a stronger date killer than a lot of awkward silence.

If she offers to pay for her own dinner, let her.  Some women are more assertive since joining the workforce  40 years ago!  Hello!  They may be showing off their independence, or they may be testing you to see how you handle that.  Rather than dragging her around town, you might consider asking her what she might prefer to do, acknowledging her independence in the first place.


At least try to be original.

Dinner and a movie…  Dinner and a movie…  Women must be so tired of dinner and a movie!  If she gives you the go ahead on your plans, what’s wrong with a picnic at the beach?  Swim suits!  Think about it…  First impressions really do count, so don’t show up in acid-wash jeans and a base-ball cap.  That would give her the impression right away, that you don’t care how the date goes, and you’re disrespecting her too!  She’s dressed and you’re not.  What’s wrong with this picture?.

Don’t be a Don Knotts, and start taking notes about every dollar spent!  I knew someone who used to do that.  He had zero success with women!   Keep your eyes on the prize!  Don’t be looking at other women on a date!  She notices that stuff…  Bring an offering.  A gift is a great ice-breaker!  You should never show up broke on a date.  That’s real cheesy!  Don’t throw your money at her either.  She’ll think you’re a mark.  And have fun!  It’s contagious.  Think about it!  If you look all nervous and everything, how does she know you’re not a cereal killer?  Don’t lager on the charm, bring tick tacks, and be you…  Don’t wait!  If you actually did remember to get her number (or alternate number),  call her up the very next day, and express how much you enjoyed her company…  There!  You’ve just made it to first base!  Yup…  You can learn a lot about someone by dating…


4 thoughts on “Dating

    • What a crafty comment! LOL! Things never are what they seem… Are they… I’m actually very shy and mucked up a lot of dates. That’s how I learned. I’m one of those annoying people who never gives up trying. There’s genius in determination :O)

  1. Interesting, interesting. Is it weird that as a seventeen year old female I’m reading this? I’m sure it is. Oh well.

    This is one of the most interesting reads I have read so far. You sound like you know where it’s at, aha. I know who I’ll be coming for when I need relationship advice … Don’t worry though, I don’t usually need it … Because I’m usually never in a

    Great informational post, by the way. You have a very fresh voice that just makes a person wanna keep reading on. I like your wit and cunningness.

    By the way, as a girl, I agree, always have something in the back of your mind to initiate a conversation. Even if that means googling a few things.

    Maybe you could try to do one for girls too? That would be a fun post. Aha.

    • Akunamatada! There are very few 61 year old Internet preverts… I am so floored that a 17 year old would listen to a 61 year old about anything! In my day (why when I was your age), I would never have gotten this kind of respect…

      Teens are so much brighter today. Thank you for that honor! Your post really had me laughing! I love your sense of humor… OK, this is weird so I’m gonna go now. LOL!

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