The joys of spiritual madness…


How to really know God…

An important question!  Still, haven’t we got it backwards again?  Wouldn’t you feel a lot better off having God really knowing you?  Easily enough, we say we have all kinds of faith and devotion to God.  This, while everything is going well.  See, you know I have this theory that we have everything backwards; present times are a testimony to how much more backward than foreword we are, without my say so.

God loves to test us though; just like He tested Noses in the desert…  Is it Moses?  Who names their kid ‘Moses?’  Anyway, was Moses not on the edge of spiritual madness; wandering through the desert at night, hearing voices calling to him?  Enduring blistering  heat, no food or water!  Or Job!  Why isn’t it ‘Jobe’  I don’t know.  What the lying !%#$! is Mayonnaise?  English is weird…


The Great Tribulation:

I truly believe we are entering this time right now, when God gets to have some real fun, drive the entire human race off it’s nut, and just see, what kind of metal we ‘ALL’ are ‘really’ made of!  The nature of these trials will be the exact thing that each person does not want to face. For me, it’s perfectly good bologna sandwiches left out to go bad!  I’m sorry, but it makes me cry!

Everyone has a breaking point, beyond which we are less capable of performing the way we want to in life; suddenly, our needs become priority, tempers flare, all is for not.  We stumble about in a form of spiritual darkness; alone, confused, angry and helpless!  God chooses to speak to us in this state, because the superficial conditions that man creates, are transitory, illusionary, and not what we should be depending on for our happiness at all.  One thing it will teach us all, is who, or what our true God really is… It’s what God calls: ‘A separating of the sheep from the goats.’


This is a good thing!

Our mad thoughts may not be so insane.  Some of the greatest minds in the world have been driven to the brink of madness!  Look at Clitoris Leatchman!  OK…  Bad example.  Did Caesar not fiddle while Rome burned? Do I not fiddle when I’m alone?  There is actual reasoning going behind all that chaos in your head.  Don’t forget, people only call it nuts because it may not be important to them, more so than you…  Why is it the nuts that are usually the first ones to notice something’s wrong?  I mean, out-side of their own heads…  Is it not insane to call this world sane?


How does it begin?

We’re conditioned to go nuts right from birth on up!  It’s only a question of when…  Kookiness is all around us.  It’s everywhere!  You adapt to it much the same way as you adapt to speaking funny in a foreign country.  We pretty much don’t want to believe the shear tonnage of fruit-cake like behaviour we see each and every day…

First, they sit you around a tube all day, showing you pictures of violent crimes, and where to find ammunition…Then they teach you how to use it all implementing war-like video games, ask you to go to war and slaughter your fellow man, and then arrest you if you commit a crime (usually out of shear boredom), and send you to a: ‘Criminal development’ center, so that you may become a more proficient killer, and not get caught this time!  If that’s not nuts, I’ll eat a stale, bologna sandwich!


The thin line between genius and: ‘Don’t push me too far!’

LOL!   We all experience it; the pushing of our buttons…  Tap someone on the shoulder long enough and they’ll eventually turn, hoping to knock a few teeth out!  Why?  Because: ‘Go away!’ doesn’t work.  We are given no choice but to settle this the only possible way it can be…  Then we are called criminals for this.  Take it to the very extreme, and say you kill someone.  Who’s the murderer?  You?  Or the person that drove you to madness?  Just where exactly, should we draw the line between fair play and horrendous crime to begin with?  Think about it; tempers are flared, the people want blood, relatives want revenge, and if a dog seen him, he’d probably pee on his leg!  It is God who will judge who, or what we have become, not Man.  And all things hidden, will be revealed!  Won’t that be a sight to behold?  All acorns say: ‘I’…  If you survive it, you will immerge much stronger than you are now…


7 thoughts on “The joys of spiritual madness…

  1. To think I’d only think of you when the going gets tough, is like trying to decide if the trees look lovelier with their leaves on or with them off; I can never decide. Nor could I, would I love you, speak to you, dance with you more, anytime verses another. Your touch wakened in me, you. The most consuming, heart wrenching, intoxicating love affair my heart has ever, will ever know. You inspire me, hold my hand when I’m sad, twirl me around like I’m mad, mad, mad.
    Whether quiet as a mouse or cleverly showing me your near, greatness surrounds me, filling me with its marvelous, wonderful, in my heart on my mind all the time kinda love. To think I’d only think of you when the going gets tough.

  2. Hi Sharon; I don’t recall ever seeing something so passionately writen! You just know I’m going to request a photo I can attach all that passion to.

    I’ve been to your site and I am like a smoldering ember… Where-as you are like a blazing flame! You are so inspiring to me; I need time to rev up my engine. Where as you are like a horse at the starting gate, just waiting on that bar to lift so that you may run free!

    There’s so much you could awaken in me emotionally; and this, I desperately need to blog with! Can you? Would you please, please, help me unfreeze my frozen heart?

    • These words given me are to inspire, lighten darkened nights, lift a lowly heart, speak, what may otherwise not be said. All the while knowing, it is He Who inspires, is the bringer of light, uplifts the downtrodden, speaks the unsaid. For I too have been uninspired, the darkened crumpled pile with no words nor hope of my own; invisible. And now these words, are all the encouragement my heart needs to whisper into your ear, “ I’m not alone, neither are you”.

      • So beautifully said! And right on the money too. I’m trying to reach these people in much the same way Christ did in his day; by relaying valuable information in ways the common man could understand and relate too! And how true the praise and glory I do get, is all along, directed to him… I’ve been a long time at just trying to cheer them all up! So many are so sad! I pray my face off for strength and guidance. Well it looks like my guidance has shown up. All I need now is strength; they’re a tough bunch, yet have kept their love intact; almost as if, for safe keeping…

        I feel like I can breathe again! At last… Someone to speak with! I only do these kinds of posts every Sunday BTW. I was taught, you can’t give them too much at once. Milk first, solid food later. I know I’ve already scared the B. Jesus out of them! I’m trying to lay low, and bide my time. I will never give up on them! Or you (BLUSH)…

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