My New Years Restitutions…

  • I promise to never again tie the cat to the over-head fan…  I know I shouldn’t do it, but it makes for a really good Doppler effect!
  • I give you my word a both a Thief and a Liar, I will never take single socks from Laundry Mat washers again…
  • I’ve decided, I should never be referred to as a big shot again; I’d rather now be called a little shot, with crushed ice, and a twist of lemon!
  • If anyone wants to speak to me, I’ll pretend I’m busy, and hope they go away…
  • I promise to stop gnarling on my window sill, should things not go my way!


  • I LOVE dark chocolate!  Is there any hope in Heck for me?
  • I will not get angry at anyone anymore.  I will get even!
  • I will never again try to slash myself with potentially, dangerous tooth-picks…  It doesn’t work anyway…  I don’t know why I try…
  • I will not pee in the soup, even if I dislike you…
  • I’m thinking of giving up ‘Froggy’ for a new profile picture.  After all, I am 61 now, and it’s time I stopped mutilating stuffed animals!



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