Lord Love a Duck!


A very touchy subject…

This is a duck?  Oh!  So God makes ducks in many different varieties…  Us too!  We are no exception in this case, compared to a duck!   And I’ll go so far as to say that we do in fact resemble ducks in this way.  You can say: ‘God almighty in Heaven!’  That’s OK because you are actually protesting to God about something you disapprove of.  However, you can’t say: ‘Cheeses Cripes’!  See? I didn’t even say it…  It’s a ‘Swear!’

The point I’m fumbling about for, is that we all have our own set of morally ingrained rules,  subject to how we were raised; our friends, family, Church, jobs, etc..  These rules, we except,  and adapt ourselves to, on the basis of what we encounter in the real world around us, rather than an intangible Law issued by The Government, that just won’t be there for you, should you encounter obstacles.  These ‘Governmental’ laws, by their very nature, are designed to place obstacles before us, so we don’t get too kooky,  and try to take over…  These barriers are important, or we would just have chaos in place of the better things The Government does provide for us through our taxes;  like roads, stop lights, and road salt.  LOL!  Governments are granted this authority by God, so we must obey…  We must obey if we truly love Him!  What does love say? ‘Whatever you need, you’ve got it!’  Anything at all!  You’ve got it!

Why is this so hard to say?

Why don’t I begin at The Big Inning.  To become a Minister, I was taught to study the Bible ambitiously,  and to question everything within it?  Why?  So that I might: ‘Know what I know!  We might think we know something, yet do we ever get right inside of it, put it on for size, and walk around in it, so that we may know, with what method of approach we must use with others,  so they may not get the wrong impression?  It’s called: ‘diplomacy.’  I’m highly trained in this area as well.  Hi!  This is just to undue a dangling paragraph!  LOL!

Something happened to me yesterday;  something I read that sparked me up for this: In this series, I’m making a very daring move, and it’s frightening the poop out of me!  LOL!  I am going to discuss all the different criminal activities that lay before our virgin eyes,  and ask that you will please, please, be tolerant, and forgiving of me, should I say something that would affect you personally!  Please bare in mind that I  ‘have to do this’ if my ratings are going to ever go any higher than a Budgie ladder!  I feel like Christ asking: ’Why did you give this cup to me?’  Even the titles of this stuff will make you cringe in your seats, and recoil in fear, hatred, and disgust!  So much so, that I am burying this first,  and most terrifying topic of all, within a post.!  I’m just hoping to get through this without you burning down your monitors,  picking up the torch and saying: ‘LET’S GO GET’m!

My intent (Oh how I despise that word!), what I’d like to accomplish, is a better understanding of the criminal mind,  and what we should be doing about it according to the highest law of all:  God’s Law!  His law for us is just and true!  Please don’t think I’m trying to trick you.  After all, I couldn’t very well have entitled this: ‘READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!  And expect you to read this.  I will do my very best to make this stuff palatable even for the faint of heart.  OK, maybe not.  Should I hide it from you?  These things are better off (believe it or not) right out in the open!  Here goes nothing!



I’m sure you’re wondering what a sub-title like that is doing underneath a picture of our children on Christmas Eve of all times???  I know yet it can’t wait.  For one, I have to do this while I still feel for you or it will be lifeless, b)  If you truly love your children, and I know most of you do, (how can we help but?), then you know this needs to be said now!  And always said until we can clear this thing up once and for all time!  And R) It greatly troubles us!

This crime is so unspeakable to us, that we hound these people from our midst!  We want nothing to do with them!  The far they are away from our children, the better off we feel!  In fact, I was on Face-book last night, and someone put up a picture of a vicious dog, and the other half was a picture of a child.  The caption read: ‘When a dog bites a child, and traumatizes him/her for life, we put that animal to sleep!  ‘Why don’t we do the same with Pedophiles?’ I really feel for this person!  She’s afraid for her children!  Can we even blame people for having this kind of reaction?

What does The Bible say about it?

It may be a far stretch, no doubt it is, yet these people are sick not vicious, and they are human beings, not dogs.  The Bible says that they will simply cease to exist anymore.  How can this be?  Just ‘poof’ and they’re gone?  Not such a bad idea!  God does answer our prayers, it’s our own failure to act upon the answers that keeps causing us trouble!  That’s our problem!  We never act as a team.  We just sit here and let CRAP happen!

What do we do?  We throw them in jail with a bunch of other perverts, so they can get some practice in…  Then we stick them in a Half Way house, right there, smack dab in the middle of our neighborhoods…  What is that?  They say they monitor them?  Not good enough!  Unacceptable! 

What if we could erase the trauma from there memories that made them how they are, and you know, give them a Hooker!  LOL!  Well I don’t how much that would help.  I do know this;  we ARE our brothers keeper, and must think of a more viable approach to this matter than is presently employed!  However, they must not live among us ever!  That’s just not fair!  Or is it?  That depends on a cure, not a shotgun!

God has heard your prayers!

What if I told you that God is changing some of them, even as I speak?  The Bible is a powerful instrument:  ‘All scripture is inspired by God and beneficial for teaching,, for discipline, and for setting matters straight!  You mean they can be changed?  Yes, but not through fear and hatred.  That’s not the solution to the problem; in fact it just throws logs on the fire!  He’s trying to show us that we can change them to!  We just need the right approach and to work on them long enough.  You think it won’t work?  If our Lord can love a duck, how much more so, you?  He/God will protect you!  All you have to do is pay attention…


Remember: ‘A Clockwork Orange?’

Here, a known Rapist is subject to violent flicks (films) of horrible crimes while they played his favorite music in the background:  Beethoven’s first symphony.  He had to have this music in particular playing, or he couldn’t commit the crime.  Yet when he played the music, it triggers the violent, traumatic scenes he was forced to watch day and night for weeks, and he suddenly gets violently ill, and hence, incapacitated!  Now why can’t we do this with our Pedophiles?  It’s much more humane and practical idea to incapacitate them from committing the crime in the first place! 

How does that sound to you?  And why haven’t we been doing this to protect our youth long ago?  Methods as harsh as these are needed if you want to remove the threat…  And BTW, it does work!  They are free to go then,  because they are no longer capable of harming anyone.  Far more humane, and a real cure!  Teaching them to be worse and tossing them in our laps…  That’s what they do right now…  WRONG!  It needs to be changed…  If  our Lord can truly love a duck so much, how much more so,you?  I have three children of my own so…  I hope I’ve helped to elevate some of your worries, not reignite them.  May all your children rest safely in their beds, with visions of sugar-plums dancing through their heads…


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