Answer me something… Wood you?

  • How long exactly is: ‘Two shakes of a lambs tail’?
  • If we can fall down stairs, doesn’t that insinuate that we can also fall up them?
  • I’m left in the dark as to how much wood a wood chuck can really chuck.  50 chords?  What?
  • You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it thirsty…  So?  And?  What can I do about it?
  • ‘Mary had a little lamb.’  So was Mary making out with other animals?
  • If, given Integers, the middle number is really zero, doesn’t that cancel out all the rest?


  • If someone does something ‘behind your back’, doesn’t that really mean they’re doing it right in front of you?
  • If ‘absence’ makes the heart grow fonder, why don’t I just stay away forever then?
  • Just because ‘Roses are red’ and ‘Violets are blue’, why does it always have to end with: ‘I love you?’  And aren’t Violets violet?
  • ‘Little Boy Blew…’  Where?  All over his shoe? Where exactly did Little Boy Blue blow?
  • It’s:  Mind over matter’!  So if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter?
  • If everything suddenly shrunk a thousand times, how wood we know?



2 thoughts on “Answer me something… Wood you?

    • I suppose there are exceptions to everything. I’ve always seen you as exceptional. How on Earth did you manage that though? I’m trying to picture it and it’s just making me laugh! Just sounds too weird… LOL!

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