Ocean Bottom Resorts


Seaing is believing!

We have spent trillions of dollars ‘attempting to investigate Outer Space with our feeble. crafts, and tiny budgets…  Yet, what about ‘Inner Space?  70 % of The Earth’s surface is covered in water!  Yet we know so very little about the oceans.  In fact we have explored less than 5% of the entire region!  Just take a look at the relaxing ambiance in the above image.  Doesn’t it simply blow you away? 

Who needs tranquilizers?  I used to raise Marine Fish.  I had a 65 gallon tank in front of my bed.  I use to watch the motions of the fish, and every-single night, I’d be asleep in under 7 minutes!  Mind you, my room would look a little more on the slobby side than this!  Here, it looks like a bed bug would die of starvation!


It not only makes sense…

It makes bucks…  Big bucks!  And the idea is flourishing I might add.  (I thought I just did…)  I don’t know about the Helicopter-ports, unless it were much further out to sea.  Here, I would use motor boats to get to that tiny Island which I would fill with hamburger stands, a gas station, a bank, and a booze canteen.  Hospital facilities and drug stores should be right at the resort itself, in-case of emergencies.


A must for our future!

The Earth is a crowded place, and ever more so each day!  I envision this as the first step to building entire under-water cities!  Think about it.  Down there, if there’s a fire, you’ve got water!  LOL!  Deep Ocean Complexes would shield you from cancer causing cosmic rays!

Who needs expensive Funeral costs?  When you finally kick the bucket, at least you won’t have to bite the dust!  You can just be shot out of a tube into the ocean, and it’s: ‘Hey look boys!  Lunch!’


We would have to adapt…

For certain, pressure would have to be equalized.  Yet sooner or later, the temptation would be over=whelming, in some cases, to swim on over to your neighbour’s house, just for the Halibut!  There is plenty of food in The Oceans to be harvested.  Still, we must replace what we eat, so under-water farms may become a necessity.  We may need scuba-diving classes as a matter of course.

a-underwater hotel

Isn’t it breath taking?

I know not everyone would take to this idea.  I mean, I’m a water sign anyway…  Some of us don’t dare stick a toe in The Ocean, let alone being here: ‘On The Edge of Wetness!’  It would be a great idea if you could work right where you live as well!  Well and why not?  It would save the bulk of our fossil fuel problem if 70 % of The Earths population became self sufficient in our massive oceans!  It’s not like they can’t visit land when they want to.  It’s a big attraction!  We still have our land legs…


Just think of all The Real-estate!

See, places close enough to shore that they can have decks above the water level would probably be ideal property, reserved for the super rich.  Naturally, we’d have to stay away from fault lines.  Still, there’s some pretty big acreage down there that would go for mega-bucks compared to land-owned property, just because of the novelty alone!

I think it’s a ground floor opportunity!  I think it’s even a below the ground floor opportunity!  LOL!  It’s so cool, I quote Ringo Star:  ‘I’d like to be, under the sea, in an octopuses garden, in the shade!’  For all you under the ground floor types, here’s another URL:  http://www.poseidonresorts.com


9 thoughts on “Ocean Bottom Resorts

  1. great planning you have there, would like to try only for an hour maybe, i’m still not comfortable with the idea of being with the ocean creatures around me, still insecure about the steel holding the structure… what happens should there be an earthquake under the sea?

    • Oh boy! Flack! Just what I was hoping for… The structure itself is corrosion resistant. Since nano-technology has come along, far stronger, seamless alloys, build from the bottom up insure your absolute safety.

      The ocean creatures can’t get in, and most don’t even try. LOL! So why would that worry you? Most marine fish are quite beautiful ya know. What happens if there should be an earthquake on land? Things are falling a lot faster, including you!

  2. I grew up on the ocean in Nova Scotia the ocean is scarey and i wouldnt go into an underwater hotel. I ve been on the bay of fundy and to PEI you dont play around with the sea. its seriously dangerous nothing man can build can withstand the force of nature in the waters off nova scotia

    • I’m sure they know where to place them and where not to Melissa. They didn’t say suddenly: ‘Let’s go out and build one!’ Like I said in the article, they keep them away from fault lines (pressure sensitive earthquake zones, due to platonic movement). else-wise, a mountain could fall on it and you’d be fine. It would be dark, but you wood bee fine! LOL!

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