How to cope…

Depression is a Liar!

It’s really just me feeling sorry for myself; for what made me waste away at first, and then turned into an absolute rage I couldn’t get myself out of.  In a word, I went nuts!  So I blame society or my friends, or I blame it on my fridge and kick the living cheeses out of it!  Whenever something doesn’t go just the way I want it, I go into one of my moods which can last for weeks!  It’s time I grew up some more, and stop feeling like a refugee!

I just thought that pertinent for those of us that suffer from depression.  I hear it’s a whopping 22 % of the entire populous of Canada now!  Aren’t weaon unhappy group of Snagglpusses!  That’s right.  We shouldn’t take life so seriously.  You know?  That’s not me; it’s the hideous, beast inside me!

MacGyver’s for practical dilemmas…


You were made for God!  The Bible dosen’t just give us a treasure trove of practice advice that still applies to this day.  God wants to be our companion!  He wants to help protect us, and guide us through this life  Isn’t that enough?  Just imagine the wonderful magic, personally knowing a being a thousand times more intelligent than ourselves, and equally as forgiving, and what He could do for you!  Today, we will explore: ‘ The Full Armour of God’.  When you equip yourself in this way, you become invincible to the things on this rock that can hurt you!

Ephesians: 6: 11-17

11  Put on the complete suit of armour+from God so that you may be able to stand firm against the crafty acts* of the Devil; 12  because we have a struggle,*+ not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces+ in the heavenly places. 13  For this reason take up the complete suit of armour from God,+ so that you may be able to resist in the wicked day and, after you have accomplished everything, to stand firm.14  Stand firm, therefore, with the belt of truth fastened around your waist,+ wearing the breastplate of righteousness,+ 15  and having your feet shod in readiness to declare the good news of peace.+ 16  Besides all of this, take up the large shield of faith,+with which you will be able to extinguish all the wicked one’s burning arrows.*+ 17  Also, accept the helmet of salvation,+and the sword of the spirit, that is, God’s word.

  • If you live in Canada and suddenly find yourself going a little hay-wired, you can always call: 310-cope.  They are great for just giving a listening ear and offering solutions to your problems.
  • Oh, your can opener just broke and there’s 9 feet of snow out-side!  No need to squish the tin ‘til it bursts, and bathes you in condensed pony milk!  Until you can get another one, just use a sharp steak knife, poke holes on both sides of the tin, and pour out the content, straight from the tin.
  • Your kettle just pooped out it’s last ‘pop’.  Resist the urge to pour lighter fluid in, and lite a match!  What’s wrong with using The Microwave?  It makes a faster cup of tea/coffee.  Never squeeze your bag!  It lets all the bitterness into you tea!
  • You can’t find your nail file, and want to cut your nails…  No need to scratch your eyes out!  Scissors do the job if you know your angles.
  • The children are driving you nuts, the phone keeps ringing, the dog keeps barking for some reason you can’t quit figure out. And a neighbor wants to borrow some sugar.  No need to shoot the phone, strangle your neighbor, muzzle the dog. Bind the children to chairs…  Stop stabbing your pillows; grab the keys to the car, sneak out the back door, and go see a movie…By the time you get back, everything will be in order again, and if the film was worth it, you’ll have something pleasant to talk about.
  • A pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses,(they always travel in packs), is knocking at your door!  What should you do?  Take off all of your clothes, and open the door widely, with a big, grin on your face!  They wont bother you again…
  • A bill collector is calling!  No need to brown the phone in the bath tub, and suffer a community black out!  Answer the phone in an accent, and tell them you moved away…
  • Don’t some special favors for your friends…  You need them…
  • Your vacuum cleaner died!  Stop sucking on the hose…  This will do you no good!  Make a fist, now go to your neighbor and promise to return it clean!
  • You’ve just been arrested!  Change you Meds…

10 thoughts on “How to cope…

  1. Thank you for writing which is quite good, best wishes always for writing and best wishes always and greetings
    kindness blossoms in your heart

    • Oh is that what it is? Rip it out Gede! Rip it out! LOL! Thank you so much for your warm and gracious comment… You know, my secret is, I keep trying to improve, (BLUSH!)

      Please feel free to visit. You are welcome to comment here. I am following you now, so I may visit you as well.

  2. its all about the meds. my meds dont work well. So im gonna armour up with the Lord Jesus on my side. peacde and love to you.

    • Do you mean: did I proofread it before publishing it? By then I was so peeved and dizzy, I just pushed the spell-checker button, and it said everything was OK. Unfortunately for me, I spell all my mistakes correctly! LOL!

      I keep getting dizzy spells; my head gives me a twirl or two about every 3 to 10 seconds. It’s because I keep getting angry. Simple you say. Just stop getting angry. Not so easy with this hunk of CRAP that now disobeys my every command, and that I’m still paying on, for another year…

    • Thank you for encapsulating my post. I should have just wrote what you said here, and be done with it :O) If you or someone you know is depressed, I’d certainly be intrigued to hear your story, or symptoms and how they’re dealt with in your circles…

      Good grief! I’m making so many mistakes, I have to proof-read my comments now!

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