Avast Attack Report


Tracking down my Killer

I bring your attention to the lower set of figures for The Web.  153 infections blocked?  Someone must’ve gotten through!  Avast inspects for viruses.  So you gave me a virus did you?  How could you do such a thing and why?  Was it something I said that particularly peeved you off?  I can tell you this much; I will track and hunt you down!  I will try to get a report out from an Avast boot-scan, and I will report you!  So, guess what?  You’re going to jail!  And I hope some, big, burly, Weight-lifter makes you his pet!  And I’m telling Google!  So BE afraid!  Be VERY, afraid!  And this is not a threat.  It’s a promise!

Coping with the problem

I no longer have to go through Windows Explorer and open up a stack of folder Schema to find a program.  I can just go into Window’s 8’s advanced search system, and as long as I know the exact name of the program. I can activate it from there.  That’s one less BIG headache solved at least to a reasonable degree  And not to for forget, in this instance you must always immediately save to disk, or you loose it on next boot.

Listen!  I apologise to Bill Gates for what I said about him…  It was just a bad thing to say!  I meant I want to see my own grinning kisser in the dirt…  I suppose I can’t really expect everyone in the entire world to be entirely responsible for everything.  .  That wood bee unreasonable.  Now if it’s all the same to you, I have to go get rid of a corrupted Ding-Bat Font…


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