Window’s 8 Crashed and Burned!


Friday the 13th!

I scarcely know how to begin!  Even as I say the word ‘begin’ it seems so pointlessly silly to me that this thing had a big-inning at all! I’ve been battling Windows 8 for over 36 hours now…  I’ve tried so may things AND NOTHING WORKS!!!  Sorry…  I don’t know who came over me…  I’m have in a daze and DON’T KNOW WHO I AM!  Please forgive my outbursts, but it just makes me WANNA SQUISH MY FACE!!!  (REMBRANT!!)  Please excuse my flatulence…

I have to tell you just how it was, and you’ll know then why I’m FREAKING!!!  You just don’t know what a God awful time I’ve been through!  OK, maybe you do…  Why did Bill Gates make BIG DUMMIES disguised as computers?  OH I JUST WANNA SMOOSH HIS GRINNING KISSER INTO THE DIRT!  (PICCASO!!!)  Oh my…  Isn’t life a gas?  So what the Methane am I supposed to do with Windows now?  I’ll inform you of what I have to do from now on in, and you’re not going to like it!

I took a chip out of it…

Why does this goofy CRAP always happen to me?  I’ve been oh so kind and loving to everyone I know!  Even my POOP comes up smelling like roses.  LOL!  As I think back on it now, I was so pleased as punch (punch?) about my award and everything, that I must’ve gotten careless along the way. That comes naturally for me though…  Awe frickin, racken, sacken frappen!   I guess you’ve gathered by now that I have a strange, dictionary!

I was wanting to download: ‘This Boy’ (The Beatles) to go with my poem: ‘This Blog’. and it was a real good virgin of it too; presented live on The Ed Sullivan Show!  So, I put it in my music player and when I was done, I saw two links at the bottom of the Player.  One said: ‘Close’ and the other said ‘Delete’…  So I pressed the one that said ‘Close’ and it deleted my music player!  See, here’s where I messed up; I usually just use the, little upside-down triangle at the top.  Why I didn’t do that this time, God only knows?

WordPress… Pfffffft!

Now am I just imagining this, or does WordPress think ‘Close’ means ‘Delete’?  And then to my suicidal dismay, it absolutely refused to give me another Player…  Now that I’m ready to put a gun to my head, windows suddenly just crashed completely and rebooted.  As it went through this forever, skull, fracturing process that just went on forever, it displayed this funny looking ‘Preparing Windows’ message.  And when my screen finally did come up, everything was wiped clean!  And I do mean ‘everything!’  And I tried everything from Windows Restore to re-entering the operating system as a complete nobody, hoping it wouldn’t see me!   Nothing has worked…  And I know a lot of you know just what this CLOWN EXCURSION is like!

AWE !#&%!*

Get this!  I can still use Windows mind you…  Only, everything is lost when I reboot; Always that same stupid: ‘PREPARING WINDOWS!!!!’ sign while it does it’s daffy, little twirl…  That means that anytime I wanna run a program at all, I have to find the direct path to it on my drive, which is huge.  I spend most of my time now, just looking for things.  LOL!  Even any settings I save in programs are lost!  Windows always comes up naked now. (BLUSH).

Just hold onto your horses now.  I’m a smarty pants so all is not lost.  Window’s keeps it’s integrity for four days before it must reboot.  In that time,  I can do whatever I like, and save it to disk..  I won’t be able to save my program settings and am doomed to constantly be renewing their installations, and hunting them down,  I can still save and present my work…  The Internet is working just fine and so is my blog, minus a music player. 

So, to get this blog up for you,, I had to go through the installation which takes forever, sign a bunch of forms letting Window’s Writer know just what it has to do to connect, and look up those settings written in my little, black book.  Hoe hum…  I need some sleep…  All I can really do now, is make the best of it.




2 thoughts on “Window’s 8 Crashed and Burned!

    • That day has never been any good for me! And this problem I have here, could go on for years… It’s not like a have a big,sweaty, wad of money and can just go out and buy a new copy of Windows.

      I feel for you though Mellisa. It’s not like a Knight in shinning armor swooshed you up on his horse and rode you off to The Palace! What do we do, people like you and me? Ya know, when I die, they’ll burn the records, and it will be as though I never even existed.

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