This blog

This blog;

took my love away.

Oh they’ll regret it someday-ya-a-hay-hay!

If this blog, gets you back again!


That blog;

Isn’t good for you.

Though it may want you too-who-who-whooo-who!

This blog, wants you, back agaihayhayaaaan!


Oh and this blog;

would be happy,

just to love you!

But oh my-high-high-high!

That blog;

won’t be happy, ‘till it sees you cry-eye-eye-eye-I-I-I


This blog;

wouldn’t mind the pain.

Would always feel the sayee-ay-hayhayaa-aim;

If this blog, gets to back a-gay-ee-ay-ain


This blog…  This blog…  This blog…


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