The Lost Song


I named this: The Lost Song because I kept jotting down the lyrics and loosing them all the time.  LOL!  This is in fact a ‘Transposition’.  Do you know what a transposition is?  That’s where I seal a melody to a song, and put my own lyrics to it.  Oh yet the lyrics really don’t do it justice, without the music itself!  There are a lot of chords to it too, with such a hypnotic melody with hot-blooded Spanish lyrics. I don’t know Spanish.  I can only tell you what the first line sounded like in English: ‘Donde este esa promesa kue un dios assistas por mee’, which roughly translated means: ‘Where is the promise that you gave to me?’  Very romantic!

If your eyes have a reason for seeing;

Why can’t they see me?

If your lips have a season for being;

Then let them be free!


I’ve been trying to find you forever;

Though I know, it won’t be so long.

For if only you’d give me a moment;

I’d give you my song!


Was it ever a moment you gave me?

Was it something I said was so wrong?

Is it to late to promise you’ll save me?

Please help me along!


For her eyes were a shimmering ocean;

Apart from my Sea.

And her lips held the kiss of devotion

That tried to find me!


Yet now that she’s broken her promise;

It appears, we both loose our dreams.

If only you gave me that moment;

It’s not what it seems!


2 thoughts on “The Lost Song

  1. Love the images here:
    If your eyes have a reason for seeing;
    Why can’t they see me?
    If your lips have a season for being;
    Then let them be free!88888

    I can feel so much longing here from the persona.
    It’s sad that this must happen to us whose every desire is just to LOVE.
    I guess what matters the most is that we chose to love despite not being loved in return.

    • There’s a wise man! Yup… This rock is a pig pen. We’re in this mess for a reason though. I don’t think it’s so much that people don’t try to love you; it’s just that their version of love is more often than not, only self serving.

      I love how you just suck up everything I write! You know Sir, you have a keen eye for detail! Love makes me sick! LOL! Just a great comment as always. I’m getting an itch to come see what your blog’s up to… Cheers!

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