10 Blogging Sites I Recommend


As is the custom, when you receive an award, (Family and Community award proudly displayed on my header), I must nominate ten bloggers that I think should be up for nominees, given that these awards keep coming.  I truly enjoy this honor though, because I’m always out there on The Reader flapping my gums off anyway, so it’s really very easy for me to decide. (This is called: The Blogger Fake-out!  This is really hard!).  It is with the highest of esteem, and regard, (SNIFF!), that I present to you, what I believe are truly fantastic blogs!  I’ve watched closely, to see who’s blogging with greater frequency, and presenting quality material as well!  Enjoy these people’s sites…  They certainly have earned the recognition!

I recommend this sight (site), not only for it’s up-to-date research concerning technological development, but for it’s versatility in presentation!  This is a company of workers, so other peoples research is also presented here.  For the analytical techies among us, I highly recommend this blog!

‘The Chronicles of Renard’   This is Renard’s almost brand, spanking new second site!  I have great expectations for this site!  Over time, Renard has presented some fascinating guest speakers on his blog ‘Renard Presents’…  I see this as a fresh start for Renard; a place where he can relay a little more to us about his own opinions (not that he hasn’t before) on things.  Whatever Renard does or says, you’ll want to read it.  Most of you that I know, read his present site.  That’s why I’m encouraging you to check out his new one. Cheers my friend!

This woman (Patricia) not only blogs with great frequency, she puts all the love and heart she has, into it!  She’s a little older as I’m.  Don’t let that stop you though!  In her case, it just means she’s wise!  Flirt (Not bad looking either!).  I recommend her for her warmth, compassion and insight, not to mention the inspiration that she faithfully feeds to all of us on a very regular basis!  We’re all highly fortunate to have her with us, so please give her a boo, and don’t forget to say hello!  A little love in return wouldn’t hurt…  Huh Pat?

Charlotte is on a mission!  That is, 365 days of poetry!  She’s on day 96 now, so you still have lots of time to catch her in action!  And honey babies, this girl can cook!  So be sure and give her a look-see!

What Blogger gets 2715 likes on one blog entry?  ‘Dennis Cardiff’, that’s who!  Do you want to meet a real, actual, humble man, or settle for pretenders hoping for more likes?  Here is a man actually doing something about the homeless!  He has lots of homeless friends he helps out and you will be blessed just to say hi to him!  He actually has 3 sites!  Way to go Dennis!  The world is screaming for more people like you!  You have all my love and encouragement buddy!  And, I believe I speak for everyone!

‘Toemail!’ She shows off her toes a lot!  LOL!   We are all Kin here.  That’s Hillbilly for family…  If you’ve never been around the world, if you’ve only seen the sights a girl can see from Brooklyn Heights, then this is the blog for you!   Toemail is traveling our entire globe, and mapping it with photos, all the way!  Today, she’s showing us a real, live Jerk in Croatia…  And that figures.  My best friend ‘Bonehead’ is from Croatia.  Toemail has the scenic tour for you!  And the little extras in-between…

Christine has an interesting Bucket-Listory-Project happening!  She’s this bright, bubbly, personality, that always has something interesting going on!  Today, she has too important questions for you, and if you provide a profile pic. with your answers, she may feature you!  So you’d best get on over there as soon as you can, and read all about it!

What can I say about Arvhee’s Metaphorical site?  That it is mystical?  That it is beautiful to behold?  That it is a place you enjoy to linger, and read wonderful posts?  It is all of these things.  I’d much rather speak of the girl herself!  She is truly my: ‘Internet Blogging Honey Bunny!’  LOL!  Even when I was alone, and destitute, she still never failed to un-paralyze her ‘like finger’ and send me a like!  Oh if I were only half a century younger!  That would make me 11.  LOL!

Mockingbird gives you his little, peeps…  He’s a native Indian, so you have to go there!  LOL!  He is truly a warm friend to those of you who take interest in his little peeps…  I mean, Hello!  The guy is hilarious, among other things; He’s not afraid to comment for one thing.  I forbid you not to go there!  You must go see him!  If you don’t go see him, I’ll never talk to myself again!  He’s a: ‘Must see to believe!’ And believe you me, you WILL believe!  See?

‘Scott’s Place’  There’s lot’s of great imagery here; some very unique and fine photos!  It’s also a family site. i.e. Scott speaks of it from time to time.  I also thought his site appropriate, seeing as how I’m receiving a ‘Family and Community’ award.  Check him out!  A great photography site!

If I’ve left anyone out…

I’m sorry!  I can only do ten!  I so wish I could fit more of you in!  So many more deserve to be mentioned…  I feel so bad, I’m going to half kill myself with some strenuous lifting!  OK?  You know I love you all; all my friends here!  I don’t put one of you ahead any of the others.  No!  I won’t pick favorites and you can’t make me!  I hate you…  You’re all impotent to me!  There are some people I didn’t mention, simply because I don’t want their egos inflated any more than they already are.  You know? 

And of corpse, a very warm and special thank you to Marty for bringing my attention to this award…  ‘Give us a kiss!’ (smooch, smooch, crinkle, crunch, snap!  Oooops!  I broke your bra!  I just happen to have right here in my pocket, for the low, low price of just $12.99…)  LOL!   Thank you Marty, (Yes, you’ve just been violated!) for your wonderful friendship!  Thank you for always standing by me when I had nobody to talk to!   You were the first one who spoke to me! (I think I’m gonna cry!)  SNARK!!  I remember that comment without peeking.  It was: ‘Rescued from a fart!’  I found it…  Moving…  In fact…  I have to go now…  LOL!  I love ya Marty!  With all my wind! (Blush…)

Oh! silly me!  The guy who gave me the award.  Shaun.  Who is he?  Might I meet the man that shook my hand?  Anyway, my love, and extra sprinkles on everyone!  And have some of this here Yule Log!  It’s my gift, from me to you…  You can’t make me say WordPress!  Awe Dag Nab it!



8 thoughts on “10 Blogging Sites I Recommend

  1. Congratulations on the award.. Oh here’s another “like”.. I’m smiling ear to ear. Bless you and have a great weekend. =)

  2. Wow!!!!! Such high praises, my friend! Thank you!

    And this post is just absolutely remarkable — the award became so prestigious after what you did here. Well done!

    Love the humor injected here as well! Excellent post, I would say!

    • Wow!!!!! LOL! What a fantastic set of appraisals here! I wish I could put your comment on my mantle. I’ll just have to come back here I guess, and read this another 400 times… I’m so tired, and I have to write another blog while it’s still fresh in my head; I really don’t want to relive this saga, yet it needs to be said.

  3. Well I don’t exactly feel brilliant about it… I’m floored you think so highly of me! At last, a friend I can really speak with! I’ve been having dizzy spells every two seconds or so… When I blog though, it goes away! What incentive eh? LOL! I may be doomed to Blog forever :O)

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