How to get into Heck


Heck on Earth…

If you want to know exactly where Heck is, it’s right here on Earth!  If 70 billion demons are here, to spread mayhem, tragedy, and strife, you can be sure you’re in Heck!  How to get into Heck?  It’s easy to get into Heck!  What people mostly have a problem with, is getting out of Heck!

If we’re not in Heck, how come our simian friends (pictured above), are aloud to partake in Holy Matrimony?  I don’t think we can really sink any lower than this!  So what is Heck like?  It’s like this picture; if this is what they really think of you, you’re in Heck alright!  Being in this place, with so much war, sickness, poverty, polled food, and poisoned water, evil demons, cuts in wages, rising taxes, hurricanes, earthquakes,storms, volcano’s, SMOG!!!  Yup!  You’re in Heck!  Deep,dark, dangerous Heck!

Angels are here to help us!


This particular Angel, captured in glorious Kodachrome (They didn’t have digital technology back then.), is an Angel comforting Jesus, that faithful night in The Garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus battled with himself, and with His Father, about why He must drink from this bitter cup?  How tormented, and frightened, he must’ve been!  He must have been half out of his mind!  Yet he endured, and became King over all Man-kind!  There are rewards for behaving yourself ya know; rewards, right here in Heck!  Imagine…

Yes, Angels can, and do protect us; they are all around us, where-ever harmony exists among men/women/children/buffalos…  Oh yeah!  They’re all around us, to help protect us from evil!  Yet, Angels don’t just automatically do us favors.  We have to  at least be attempting to be good Samaritans, and to be exercising our faith in God, by taking Christ’s advice to us about how we should treat one another; not by commandment so much as for our own benefit, so that we may lead happy,health and productive lives!  Isn’t that what you want? 

Angels, though invisible to us, they are camped on your front lawn, following you to the Super-Market, watching your every move and giving praise to God, that your name might be written in God’s own:’Book of Life.’

If you choose however, to lie, and cheat and fight and swear, and manipulate others and abuse your own body, Angels must then abandon you, and find a place where they can help.  They are actually forbidden to help anyone who practices or plans wrong or bad deeds.  The choice, is yours…  Maybe for once, especially at this time of year, and relate to our children,  just why this time of year is so important to us!  Perhaps a little about the true spirit of giving?  Hmmmm?


Even Cherubs have questions…

Just questions.  Questions, like: When will my wings be big enough to get me off this cloud?  The angels are a notch above humans and inherit powers that equip them in God’s long battle with demons.  In this artistic depiction, this little, Cherub looks like she’s being counseled. You see, since Angels are Immortal already, it’s not so much themselves they have to worry about saving, as they do about saving Mankind.

So the next time you want to get angry in your home and say or do nasty things, you might first ask yourself: ‘Do you want your Angels, assigned to protect you, to leave?’  Because, if you do, this opens the door for demons to come in; this is the point at which you will see real troubles begin.  All is not lost though!  If you are truly sorry for your thoughts and actions, and change them, after a little while, the Angels will come back…


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