Music sooths the savage beast

So,woe woe woe!

I just wanted to tell you, that we, in our band called: ‘The Disturbances ’, Are doing the song on my music player on this blog: ‘Free as a bird…  You should really listen to the songs I present on my blog, because we also play these songs.  I don’t want to brag,but we sound better than the Beatles doing this song, so I’d really like you to play it…  .  So please listen to what I present in the music player, because if I mention it, chances are, we play it too…  Make no mistake about it, I have a better voice than John Lennon, definitely…  About soon, we’re gonna start playing places; and it’s going to cause a scene!

Please listen to the song on my Video player, ‘Free as a bird…’  I don’t want to brag, but I sing it better!  Now, it’s part of our gig…  So I would ask you to take special attention to what I play here…  Who knows, we might be somewhere doing it better… ‘Free as a bird is a Beatle song that very few people have heard so, please give a listen…

Free as a bird…

I actually feel free from listening to this song…  Let me ask you impotent; have you ever felt free as a bird.  In fact,do you want to fly?  I wonder myself, if it couldn’t be so much better to be able to take wing…  How much we all want to fly!  Music helps us to do that…  It’s so woe woe woe, like a bird….  People have been plagiarizing songs from my sight I notice…  That means it has to be good…  Hello?  So play this song on my player and see if you’ve ever heard this Beatles song before.  I always change it too, so always check to see if you like a listen…  You know?  Music soothes the savage beast… Now fly free, as a bird…  It does feel so free!



4 thoughts on “Music sooths the savage beast

    • Yeah! I know what ya mean. I imagine the first part of the song, the birds are just flying, gently flapping there wings… And I don’t know if you get this deeply into it, but the lead is like what the birds are thinking. LOL! And where the song goes: ‘So,woe,woe,woe’ I can see the bird making incremental adjustments with the wind and rain, as she glides precisely to her nest…

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