The Happy Spirit Express

Wooden it be nice?

Why is it when I say the word: ‘Wooden’. I right away think of a coffin?  Is it because wood is becoming scarce?  Not exactly.  It’s because it’s only human nature to think the worst; in fact, Life Insurance companies bank on it.  And for your intoxication, the word: ‘nice’ is an old English word meaning: ‘stupid’…  Yes…  Wouldn’t it be wonder-bar, if there were some sort of express train to happiness, that we could board and just make our way up to Cannon Land, The land of milk and honey, or even, : Hey!  This looks like a good place to camp!’ 

Well, maybe there is; except it doesn’t run so much on tracks, as it does upon our ever changing state of spiritual consciousness.  Whom might be the rider of this ‘train’?  Wooden it be a ‘you’, rather than your reactions to things and ideas?  Are we spirits, or are ‘spirits’ just different states of being?  Alcohol has been called spirits because of the way it changes our mood and doesn’t imply death at all, but merriment!  Odd that the exact same word should have opposite meanings, wooden you say?

The Silver Cord…


OK, this is a simply graphic and nothing more!  I’m sure we’ve all seen this in Art class!  Hello?  I said: ‘Stop looking at the drawing and pay attention!’  Some have said, upon resuscitation, that they could see that they were attached to their bodies by a silver, glistening, cord, or line of energy.  Is it that simple though?  Do we break our cord, float up to a glorious Heaven, or sink to a scalding Heck?

What does The Bible say?

The Bible says nothing about us becoming Heavenly, or spiritual beings at all.  The word The Bible refers to in fact, concerning Man is ‘Soul’.  Just for the record, we don’t ‘have’ a soul, but we ‘are’ one; in other words, God made us as physical beings, and that’s what we are.  What The Bible does say is: ‘The place to which you are going, is the grave!’  Not Heck!  The essence of what you are goes back to The Earth for safe keeping until ‘The Great Day of Judgment’ upon the righteous and wicked alike.  On what criteria will this ‘judgment’ be made?

I give you the parable where The master of the house gives three servants an equal sum of money, and is told to invest it wisely for him, until he should return.  And there is no specified date.  The first man laps the cash into one big adventure and bravely gets out by the skin of his teeth, having doubled his original investment.  The second man wisely…  Well yeah yeah, you know the story…  Freely translated, it means, a third of us will just make it into God’s Kingdom on Earth, a third will be shinning examples, and a third will fail miserably.

So if a third will be bad and don’t go to Heck, what does God do with them:  They experience ‘The Second Death’  God tells us that even their nothingness shall be taken away!  In other words, their punishment is to cease to exist, not to go to Heck!  There is no: ‘Heck’ as such.  When God asked Satin in The Bible:  ‘What have you been doing?’  Satin replied: ‘Roaming about the surface of The Earth…’  Yes, he lives among us, or haven’t you noticed just how prevalent evil is in the world today?

Angels and Demons are Spirits.

You do recall that there was a great battle in Heaven.  Lucifer, Beelzebub, or ‘Larry The Shoe Salesman’ by any other name, was cast down to The Earth with one third of God’s approximately 200 billion Angels.  Those ‘turn coat’ Angels on Earth are called demons now, over 70 billion of them, all here to reek havoc upon Mankind in general.

The Happy Spirit Express!

True to form, as God has lost a third of The Angels, he will also loose a third of Mankind, to one or other of Satan’s many devices.  The good news is, most of us will be saved!  And we shall be changed it seems, in the twinkling of an eye!  Now this is one great picture!  While you lay dead and know nothing, God has already judged the wicked and done away with them.  He has bound Satin and his hoards of demons and dropped them into a bottomless pit (One they can’t climb out of.  OK?) for a thousand years; after which, Satin will be let loose again for one more small test, that The Human Race might experience peace forever, once and for all time!  This will be for a very special group of people, for they will become immortal!  Not Man’s idea of Immortality. God’s view for us, is a somewhat healthier picture…

However much time has passed, to bring about Armageddon etc.., don’t forget, you’re dead, and know nothing!  Time does not exist for you.  To you, it will seem as though you had just closed your eyes, and immediately reopened them again.  Now you wake up to Paradise on Earth, along with other loved ones, and are suddenly changed, to live for a thousand years,  Youthful, vibrant years!  During this time, Man-kind will soar to amazing heights, with no greed, selfishness, ignorance, poverty or sickness, ever to slow us down again! ‘And God’s own tent shall be among us!  I promised you The Happy Spirit Express didn’t I?  And you got it… God has promised to make us happy, and has already won the battle for us… 

If We Can Believe…

If we can believe, and see for our own eyes, the death of old stars providing the materials for new ones, why can’t we believe then, that God can recompose us?  If we can believe, and see for our own eyes, a lizard that runs across the surface of water, a fish that can fly, or witness a type of sequoia tree that lives for more than 3000 years, why then are miracles so hard to believe for us?  God puts them right before our eyes every day, if we only choose to look!  If we can and mostly do believe that there are not thousands, but millions of planets in the known Universe, that must have technological civilizations far advanced beyond our own, why is it so hard to believe that a superior being that has conquered death, wouldn’t want to do the same for you?  If He says He loves you and, planted you here to begin with?  Why can’t we see He means business?   ‘There is one beatitude I especially favor: ‘Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God!’  I mean, if Christ’s first miracle was to turn water into wine, don’t you want to come to the party?  Don’t ya even wanna get blasted?  LOL!

Where is God when you need Him?

What a question!  Sleeping…  The Bible tells us, that on the 7th. day ,He rested…  So we haven’t emerged from this figurative ‘Day’ yet.  In the mean time, we all well know that we can only gain audience with God through Christ; meaning that Christ has been appointed to speak to us through God, until God communicates directly with Man once more.

Meanwhile, we are supposed to be supporting one another, with His word and applying it daily.  We don’t do that as a race generally.  Generally, we cause our own suffering, and God does NOT interfere, because we actually told Him we could do it ourselves.  That’s right!  Adam, or (A-Dam) as some scholars refer to him, said: ‘Na an!  It’s OK!  I’d rather do it myself!’  I don’t know if he folded his arms and turned his back on God at that point, but frankly, I think the man was 9 cents short of a dime!

When God asked Adam: ‘Why did you partake of the forbidden fruit, and where are your pants?’  Adam brilliantly quips: ‘It was the woman you gave me!  She made me partake!’  By now God must be figuring, [Well he couldn’t have loved her very much, or he wouldn’t be finking out on her now!]  God told him: ‘Had you have come to me first, I would have given you a better woman!’  See how much we need God?  We miss out on all the good chicks without Him  Surprised smile


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