The Psychology Behind a Mentalist

B.S. Baffles Brains

I have a degree in B.S. myself.  In fact, I think we all do!  People are no longer just using simple, tactics of manipulation to get what they want from you…  Now they’re using Mentalist techniques, that go so far as to go beyond the bounds of human reasoning!  I’m taking: ‘Mind Control’!  And I’ll give you a real live for instance of just how powerful mind control can be, and now I’m talking ‘extreme’!  OK?  Before, I was ‘taking’ and now I’m ‘talking’ did you catch the difference?  How many fingers am I holding up?  Now that I have your attention, I can take your wallet, car keys and be long gone before you even notice!

A Real Life For Instance

A man casually sashays into a convenience store; someplace where he’s never been before.  He hands The Proprietor, a blank sheet of white paper, exactly the same size and feel, as a five dollar bill, and requests: ‘May I have change for a five please?’  Now notice that he has already called it a five dollar bill, implanting the message that that’s what it is, into her mind.  And he treats it like money, so that’s what she sees!  She obediently places the blank piece of paper in with the fives, and hands him two Toonies and a Looney!.  How is it that, she saw a five dollar bill though, instead of a blank piece of paper?  What can I say?  And so it stands true that B.S. really does baffle brains after all! What did he use?  Hypnotism…

Take a look at these five videos that will trick your mind, using the link above.  You should really dig more deeply into the topic than this though.  I have a sneaky hunch our already manipulative society is going to grab hold of this stuff, and make us feel like handing over cash to them!  Or jewelry, play stations, laptops and only God only knows what else! (God only knows?)  Quickly!  Hide in the closet!  It’s just a suggestion.  LOL!  The fact of the matter is, with power like that, I could leave you standing naked in two feet of snow, thinking you’re having an enjoyable weekend in Hawaii…



10 thoughts on “The Psychology Behind a Mentalist

    • LOL! Why Marlyn! A sweet girl like you? I wouldn’t believe you have it in you… All the more reason why you’d probably get away with it too. A magician never reveals his secret completely. There is a missing piece to the puzzle I haven’t told you. Do you really think I’d have you break The Law?

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