Deep Dark and Mysterious…

Unforeseen Circumstances

I have spoken to you in the past about physical mysteries uncovered.  Now let us explore the spiritual mysteries.  Oh yes my friends, acquaintances and Internet Vagabonds…  The spiritual world is as real a place as the so called: ‘real world’ we believe that only we, and we alone occupy.  You may just be wrong about that.  I don’t believe in luck, only unforeseen circumstances.  If there’s a real, Lady Luck, show her to me!  What is happening in the mirror when you turn away from it for example?

Come with me now if you dare, and witness visual proof of existence within, or should I say reflected from, one of the darkest corners of spiritual appearance within our realm!  The reflection of a zombie!  AAAAAAARRG!!!  I CAN’T SEE!  I’M BLINDE!!  Oh…  It’s OK.  A light-bulb just blew.  I thought for a moment there…  When our imagination takes over, who knows what we’ll see, or feel!  AAAAAH!  It’s OK.  It was just my hair sweeping across my face!  Ooooo!  Very scary!  Are you frightened yet?  Is your hair standing up and turning grey?  No?  Then look at this:


Look closely at the reflection in the mirror to see the head and shoulder of a real, live, dead, Zombie, hiding behind the shower curtain!  You can’t just explain that away as a simple smudge on the lens!  OK, it could just be a simple smudge on the lens…  You got me there!  What about this here then?!


The girl in the middle, is a dead relative!  Ooooo!  Pretty spine chilling eh?  EEEEEEK!!!  Oh…  It’s OK.  It was just my shadow… Leslie, my other half, claims to be a Witch.  I can verify that!  LOL!  She says she’s a white witch though (A good witch with pleasant powers).  I know, you’d normally call up The Men in White Coats, to come and pick up but one more screw-ball…

Leslie’s Spiritual Powers

Anytime Leslie gets near anything electrical, it messes up…  When things were done in our Microwave oven for instance, it used to go: ‘Ding, Ding, Ding.  Now, it goes: ‘Ding, Ding-Ding, Ding!’  How could you explain this phenomenon except for a faulty ringer…  OK!  You got me there!  It could be a faulty ringer…  I’ll get you yet!  Oh yeah?  Take this!  Dimes fall out of thin air!  Unless someone is planting them around the house, and saying that dimes are falling out of thin air…  OK, I suppose that could be possible too…  Smarty pants!  Well we have a picture too that she says has a spirit in the doorway of a church one day, and the next, the shadow is gone!  Ooooo!  I just got shivers in my bladder!  It’s just a picture to me though.  It is a picture much like this:



Stop calling me:’Nut-bar!’

OK, go ahead and laugh…  But what is this mysterious shadow really?  It’s too big to be the little, boy’s shadow.  Perhaps it’s just a big smudge on the wall, and stays there after the little, boy leaves…  Have an answer for everything.  Don’t you!  Well answer me this.  Have you ever felt a cold spot in your house?  Has a breeze suddenly came in while you were strolling by, and just so happened to tangle you up in the curtains, like a helpless fly caught in a spider’s web?  HUH?  Have you heard odd sounds like:  BOOOOOOOO!  or HEEEE  HEEEE HEEEE HEEEE!  Think I’ve finally looped the loop?  Well feast your eyes on this!


Ghostly Office Worker Gas?

Hardly…  This shot was caught on a security camera.  Some thieves trying to distract you while they rob the till?  But how?  Was it a timed release capsule from inside the cabinet?  A reflection?  OK then…  Be with me next time for more almost scary things, OK?  WHOOOOWAHAHA!  We do try to explain it away.  It’s there though; the darkness and what may lie within.  What chilling stories have you to reveal?  Entrails of bat perhaps?  Until next time, I bid you  good day…  (Insert eerie, creepy music, and creaking door…)


14 thoughts on “Deep Dark and Mysterious…

    • I went back up. Looked at the picture, and started giggling away… Well, my Grand parents didn’t look so hot either; at times I’d catch him laughing to himself for no reason at all. Weird… I have a really weird family… LOL!

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