Medical Micro Robots

‘Nanowerk’ is a site that I seriously recommend you should thoroughly search from time to time…  I generally inspect it once every six months or so, for eye-popping news concerning futuristic applications in ‘Nano-Medicine!’  The site is updated with many new developments daily.  This technology is really steaming along; if you have any money to invest, this would be the place to put it into: ‘Development of Nano medicine.’


Here above, is a picture courtesy of this blog:  You may well consider checking it out.  And I think I can explain the picture.  The large cell at bottom left appears to be a macrophage   However, I think it’s a cell turned cancerous, as is the one at top right.  The man-made Nano-particles, shown at bottom right, seeks out and attaches themselves to cancerous cells, in the colon.  The green beams of light waves you see striking the cell (top right), are from a remote control, activated outside the body, commanding the particles to heat up to 130 degrees F., to effectively kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells; As an added bonus, a parade of human anti-bodies merely follow these tiny devices straight to the tumor!

Immortal Humans


Here is the web-site for ‘Immortal Humans’  This scenario will not only be true one day soon, Nanotechnology itself, will change the world in ways that will made The Industrial Revolution look like a mere pin-prick in comparison!  Try to imagine a world in which everything is seamless and never breaks down!  Computers that are nothing more than visions in the air that surrounds you.  And vapor skin tight suits that will keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.  You will grow young before your own eyes, as these tiny helpers patrol our bodies and maintain its integrity.  This isn’t a bad site; it’s a journal so, that’s where many Doctors report their findings…  You’re limited to abstracts here, yet they’re neatly explained and interesting to read; for those of you in a hurry…


Open Access Journals  The good thing about open access journals is that all of their publications are free to the public, to read in full, including archives.  This will all be cutting edge stuff!  Here’s a site that has it’s own open access section, and a menu for other journals and books…  You should also Google: ‘Life Extension’.



Detailed repairs

Just as the image above depicts, we will be able to repair individual strands of DNA.  This can range from the effects of ultra-violet rays, to natural occurrence, simply through many cell divisions.  And you can help!  DNA lies deep within the mitochondria of cells, these are the factories that provide the cell with the processes it needs to function and carry out it’s particular job.  Blood cells live for about 3 months and have a limited dividing rate throughout your life of about 50 divisions.

Taking Co-efficient Q-10 maintains the mitochondrial function, so it can do jobs like the one pictured above.  There is something called: ‘P P Q’ and I think it’s still only sold in The United States.  It actually produces new mitochondria, which in turn will give rise to new cells, replacing damaged ones, and for the first time in recorded History, we will be able to continue to extend cell production beyond the point at which it would normally stop, without creating any cancerous after-effects.  Be sure and explore these sites for some truly fascinating reading!


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