How to blog comfortably

I should mind by now?

Yes: Blog as often as possible! This will ensure you gain regular followers, if you post likes and comments on their blogs as well; only fair. Think about what you feel would be an interesting, intriguing, suspenseful, humorous, poetic, artistic, scientific, social, technical, astronomical,quantum mechanic, or connotative of current events, with your opinion on the matter, or a review type blog.  Too many subjects to choose from…  Thinking up a good category list that suits your objectives is all important to a well styled, and thought provoking blog.

You may blog other blog addresses in your blog and describe why you’d recommend them. That’s always a hoot for teens… They’re always curious anyway! 10 things you like or 10 things you don’t like both go over well.

Stay away from simply making a simple statement and expect great, deep, hidden meaning to permeate the air. It takes work and dedication to capture your target audience, and keep them interested; so write about controversial subjects. If you have a strong category list; one that includes as many subjects that you at least know ‘something’ about as you can, then choose what inspires you.

Let the content flow from you; in the morning, when you’re fresh and haven’t been nerve racked yet, is a good time to write. Draw images from your drive or The Internet to emphasis your point, and start with a large, interesting one.

Most importantly, remember to convey your emotions in a way that avoids swearing, prejudice, or hateful language of any sort… Check ‘The Reader’ For ‘The Daily Post’ Excellent ideas for blogging appear there daily. You can always go there if you get stuck. Take deep breaths to relieve tension, sit up straight!  And get rid of your gum! LOL!  Good fortune to all those planning on constructing your own blogs;  I say ‘Go for it!’  At the very least, it’s a learning experience.  



2 thoughts on “How to blog comfortably

  1. Why thank you Vic! It’s great to hear from you again… I’m specifically looking for more comments from people that are actually ‘on’ WordPress. LOL! I’m so happy for you and you award today! Again, that’s quite the achievement. I know you’re proud as a Peacock! Savor the moment, as do I!

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