Dead man’s plot

Cheery blossoms dance before a rainbow in the night;

Adam’s splashing colors in the shadows!

Half his mind is lazy,

The other half is crazy,

And half the hole he digs with all his might!


Mary sits beside him etching love notes in the sand;

Her voice is horse from singing in The Stable!

Half her mind is winging,

The other half is ringing,

She’s a child who doesn’t understand!


Big, bad Burt is bustling by, and spoiling for a fight;

As cracks the shot hits Adam in The Apple!

Half his mind is happy,

The other half is crappy,

And now a mound of dirt lies in the light!



5 thoughts on “Dead man’s plot

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    • Actually, it’s a Ballad I wrote about 20 years ago, as part of my CD I made, by myself, in Dearborn (a suburb of Destroy-it) Michigan. The guy said I was using Elvis’s old microphone he bought at an auction. I had to make up eight songs in one night. This was one of them; so I’d have a total of 16 songs of my own to put on the CD. As it turns out, I went through every single song without a single hitch…

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