A quick install Web-site…

a quick Install

Speaking in CSS

Speaking in CSS isn’t as difficult as it seems, if you but choose to divide commands into sections.  Things in parentheses for instance, can merely be replaced with your own information, and the script will still function just fine.  The trick is in knowing just what to fill in.  Before we go any further, you’d do better to use bifocals or a magnifying glass on the above screen-shot, rather than enlarge it and loose it’s delicate resolution.

I’ll be referring most specifically to the second, grey rectangle of CSS code, in the screen-shot..  I chose the second set of instructions because it avoids using cookies, and because it by-passes your login in info. In fact, you only need read from point 4 down to understand the entire process.  I was rummaging through the myriad of folders when I happened to stumble upon this interesting ‘documentation.html.  Oh for joy…

To get the entire screen shot, I just held down the tab button in Photoshop CS3.  Then all your toolbox and pallets etc.., disappear.  It’s a toggle.  Press tab again, and they all come back…  This is so I can bring your attention to the right side of the screen shot, just to give you an idea of how vast this folder and file structure really is! 

This particular virgin of wordpress 3.71 and contains two themes to choose from: Twentytwelve and Twentythirteen.  I mention this because they constantly upgrade.  This may be a way around a very lengthy, involved and complicated set up.!  In fact, you’d have to be at least proficient in CSS to be able to manually set yourself up…  There are other alternatives; programs that will set you up with WordPress.org with none of the fuss and muss of it at all, if you have a credit –card, and little time or spirit of adventure…

Filling in code

I draw your attention to the line in the second grey rectangle that ends with the word ‘root’  I believe this line all refers to your local server, and the longer line of code below it refers to the remote server on WordPress.org.

Where it says: ‘Servers’  on the line that ends in ‘root’, you would put ‘localhost’. Where it says: ‘user’ I would suggest 16 letters mixed with random capital letters, small-case, and numbers.  This way, you can also use it as your ‘secret key’ in your config.php file.  Where it says ‘root’ you would put in ‘AppServ’ exactly as it is written here!  This will ensure nobody can invade your site, unless of corpse you choose to let them in yourself.

Moving down to the second, longer line, where it says: ‘Servers’ you would put: ‘Remote’  And put your password in at the end of the line where it says: ‘Use here your password’

Working out the kinks

There’s no guarantee the above method will even work for you; it will work for many of you though!  If you are like me and prefer the path less traveled, you will need to research and fill out your own ‘config.php’.  This is what you will rename and save the ‘config.sample.php’, you will afterwards delete.

By then, you will have made a password for MySQL database you will include along with your secret key.  You’ll need to know your MySQL settings.  The download also incudes your ‘Apache’ server, PHP 6, though when I try the ‘install.php’, it just gives me a message saying that either my PHP language is turned off or my remote server doesn’t understand it.  I’m sure it’s turned off, yet can’t find anything in preferences to turn it on.  LOL!  This is really going to be a long, arduous process for me, though at the end of it all, I’ll know how to work with CSS (very important because of it’s tremendous flexibility when designing web-pages.  Employ Google, and research MySQL thoroughly!

There still are terms I’m yet to understand, like the name of the FTP server you’re using; though I think it’s something ridiculously simple, like : :ftp.wordpress.org.. Yet the more I play with this in Dreamweaver, the more captivating it becomes…  I do intend to try the above method myself, just to see if it works for me…

In Dreamweaver CS3, when you choose the ‘Site’ menu and manage sites/edit/site map layout, must point exactly to this place in the anarchy of your site: C:\AppServ\wordpress\wp-content\themes\twentythirteen\images.  Also, you should have your images folder selected in Dreamweaver.  Only at this point will Dreamweaver ask you if you wish to make a home-page in your images folder.  Say: ‘Yes’. It will add some extra files it needs as well.  Now you have just created your home-page within your theme. 

Else-wise, Dreamweaver can’t map out your site, and you can’t complete the dialog box…  Also, always go into: site/advanced/recreate site cache whenever you finish working in Dreamweaver or it won’t update your work!  You should be well on your way to building your own site by now.  I’ll keep you updated…  Next time, we’ll discuss how neatly Adobe Fireworks can set up all your slices and buttons for you, and how it works hand in hand with Dreamweaver.



5 thoughts on “A quick install Web-site…

  1. i have to say im dissapointed in you and a little hurt. i trusted you and took you into my home during a rough patch to be a friend to you. and i I told you when you came here everything we say here is confidential until i found out you ran to markus lasivious and told him everything i said like a snitch. i have to shake my head in dissapointment once again as i thought we were friends without markus being involved but youve proven that you men stick together no matter what. and women can never trust anyone! its sad really sad.

    • If I had a confidentiality with you and broke it, I’m truly sorry Melissa, but I told you also that I’m in the middle of a crisis with my Meds. as well; I’ve been loosing little pieces of reality! I just had completely forgotten about it entirely, so please don’t think I would betray you. This was not my intention at all.

      I could take your comment out because it could hurt my reputation, and is somewhat slanderous, but I won’t because I’d like to believe we’re still friends! And perhaps certain ‘women’ shouldn’t so readily jump to contusions before speaking directly with me first…

  2. best wishes in your future good luck feel free to delete the post if you like i had no other way to contact you other than here.

    • It’s not your fault Hun! I’m just very messed up right now is all… It makes me feel like crawling under a rock right now… Instead I have booked an appointment with a new Doctor, new Clinic, everything. I’m getting the matter seen to! Thank you for being so gracious with me, and understanding!

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