A unified field theory

Although physicists have struggled for centuries attempting to unify the four natural forces: The strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, The electromagnetic force and, gravity; gravity being the weakest of the four.  I do believe the problem stems primarily from the interpretation of gravity as being a force in itself.  Rather, I believe it to be as a combined result of the other three forces.  Gravity increases with mass, yet so do the other forces.  Don’t forget.  Just because the math works, that doesn’t mean it’s product exists, except for within the mind of The Mathematician, him/her self’s own concept.  The formula may work, yet proof must be found and validated.

The science doesn’t work…

a black hole

Above, we have a quasar.  These can out-shine entire galaxies.  This particular quasar or (black hole), is sucking in matter so quickly, that it’s spitting some back out…  Now, first off, many Physisisisis… physisisisis…  Scientists, believe a black hole to be a kind of rip, or tare in the fabric of space.  If this were so, there’d be no spitting back of hot matter!.  Matter would simply drop through.  Matter enters large black holes at several million miles per hour!  It would not come back out, unless it bounced back from a solid core of some kind. 

So black holes aren’t holes at all.  They have solid, yet extremely dense surfaces!  And they are extremely hot!  If a black hole the size of a proton were placed at the distance our sun is from us now, it would still sufficiently heat up The Earth!  So the scaffolding that holds up entire galaxies, called dark matter, can also support black holes…  Or is the energy from this quasar, bouncing off of the very scaffolding that holds up the black hole itself?  Questions, questions…

The big bang never even happened!

In fact, there wasn’t even a little pop!  Imagine a single, tiny spot in empty space called a singularity.  Now try to conceive of all the matter in the universe, condensed into this one spot…  Hello?  The scaffolding would collapse under the enormity of such a mass!  You would rip space indeed, and I think if you rip space, you’ll let all the gas out…  I truly believe that dark matter always has been here in the first place, and it’s mass was of a strong enough gravity to pull in regular (and much liter) matter in from a parallel universe to ours, filled with much more lite matter than ours presently contains.  It’s not even theoretically possible, should you calculate the entire weight of the entire known Universe; preposterous to even consider a singularity at all…

Dark matter made visible.

a bullet cluster

What you see above, is called: ‘The Bullet Cluster’  What it is, happens to be two clusters passing through one another, exciting gas shown in pink, which in turn, ‘lit up’ the dark matter, shown in blue.  And this dark matter actually contains the bulk of these two cluster’s mass!  Some stars here are foreground stars.  An open cluster must contain at least 45 stars to qualify as an open cluster.

Gravity holds the key.

a globular cluster

This is M-80 in The Messier catalogue.  It is some 28,000 light years from our sun and contains hundreds of thousands of stars.  Each is gravitationally attracted into this ball of stars which isn’t a ball at all, if you get close enough.  Stars are still averaging 2 light years distance from one another here.  The average is about 4 light years, and this is what causes the illusion of a great congregation of stars.  If you were in the middle of the cluster, you truly may not notice the difference within the night sky, visibly, from your perspective.

I can’t help but see gravity as being a cause, rather than an effect.  Look, if you got massive enough, you’d have moons circling you too!  OK?  All be it that dark matter comprises the bulk of all matter in our universe, gravity may have arrived as the consequence of the speed at which matter was being sucked into our Universe by the enormous weight of all this dark matter; speed increases mass!  a pea traveling at 15 miles per second can do far more damage than a bullet, even though it’s heavier, it moves much slower.

WE may include gravity as part of a unified field theory, but only as a by-product of the other three.  I believe this, partly in fact because of an even stranger material…  Or should I say: ‘anti-material?’

Dark Energy…

Dark energy causes galaxies to move away from one another.  I believe gravity to be dark energies opposite counter-part, though I still very much hesitate to call it a force considering that the pushing effect of dark energy naturally diminishes it; it’s just not enough, for gravity to overcome the repelling of galaxies, and other heavenly bodies.  In other words, I believe that dark energy occurred as a direct result of gravity or gravity would else-wise leave a void in space around it, and we all know this not true.  And since dark energy counters gravity, I have to disclude it (gravity) as a force, but rather, a reaction to a force.  The reason all the other forces coincide and gravity just doesn’t fit, is because it was never meant to…  And the push of dark energy gave dark matter enough suction to pull in the much liter, regular variety of gas balls etc..  Include dark energy and, gravity no longer matters.  One force cancels out the other, so in searching for a viable unified theory, it might be wise to leave insignificant, left over gravity, out of the picture entirely.  So, my honest opinion?  Gravity sucks!  And if dark energy has a stronger push than gravities suck, how come it’s not included as a force as well?  Hmmmm?  


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