Come explore my cage…

The Witness Protection Plan

The Witnesses would have referred to me as a:’dead-beat Dad’, for not sending any money to support my children.  This coming from a Christian ‘agency’ who professes that one shouldn’t call one names…  These people put more tags on people than you can shake a stick at!  As for being a ‘dead-beat’ Dad, they left me for dead, and nearly got their wish!  And to plot, and connive behind my back, gather their imaginary proof to get me ousted, sounds somewhat pathetic for people whom are taught to forgive, and go after that one lost sheep. Dah!  And that’s apparently a whole, big, heap of smelly horse-plucky as well!  Besides, they take care of there own, where needs are concerned.  Their hand-me-downs are worth more than I could every afford!  I’m left with les than $200 a month for food, and that’s it!  I shop at the Thrift store for my clothing; if somebody dies, it’s my good fortune to get their shirts and pants… 

They just want what money you can bring in; so don’t become one of them.  They’re kicking more people out than are joining.  Plus, I was innocent of what I was accused of.  There are no marks on my children and: ‘I AM NOT AN ALCOHOLIC!’  Grant you, I have the occasional blast if and when we ever get a full practice session.   My Ex wife.  The one who said: ‘Don’t worry about your past life.  You’re with me now!’  Her and her best buddy: ‘known for taking other people’s children away from them’,  and whom once slapped me on the Back with a Bible, at a prayer meeting, while I was in a discussion with someone else.  They are the two who fabricated this lie!

Why a ‘One World’ Religion Would Work

Well first off, everyone would be on the same reduction plan; what’s wrong about each Religion, can be more easily identified and weeded out.  This is to ensure, that everyone on Earth follow an original translation of The Bible, giving special emphasis on how Christ taught us to behave, during: The Sermon on The Mound.

We have to get back to the garden folks!  And the only way we’re going to do that, is by turning our attention away from how we might choose to accuse others, and turning it inward, in an attempt to improve our altitude about others.  And to improve ourselves; maybe shed a light on some of the ways we abuse our bodies, by over-medicating, smoking at all (except for pot which can cure Glaucoma, obliterate stuttering, and put a functioning smile on a depresoid’s face for an hour, among many other things you’d be surprised to know!  Where-as drinking causes projectile vomiting, hangovers, stupid actions, and a slow, painful death!  Go figure…  Cigarettes make you age rapidly!  I know you don’t want to hear this right now, yet it’s painful to grow.  Once you do, you’re always glad you did because these actions cause positive, life-changing events.

Imagine a world though, that collaborated together fully, together, implement new ideas almost instantaneously, whatever they my be, as long as they’re useful to someone.  Imagine us, as one co-operative force, with Internet to guide us, able to abolish disease,hunger, poverty, pain and suffering, crime, pollution, and save thousands of already vanishing creatures, all over the world!  And criminals;  Where can they hide now except outer-space.  In-fact, I think that should be their new out-post!  LOL!  I’m not for locking people up!  Too expensive, it doesn’t help them,  when all they need, is a play-ground of their own.  As you can see, they already form their own communities in prison.  Let us forgive our guilty, and give them a place where they can either fit in, or argue amongst themselves; their choice…

And why are we still living in stone caves when there should be an open concept, and environment for all?  It was a much better world, when we all pitched in and helped each other on a more constant basis!  That should be established once more, so we can emerge from darkness, and stop worshipping the light bulb…  Don’t forget, going out or at least staying out of breath during the winter. helps prevent colds and flues as well…  We should all be interactive or how else can trust be established once more?

Understanding Depression

Let’s face it!  The way things are going now, many are depressed; it’s now a world-wide phenomenon.  And we are many!  We’d form our own Union, but none of us can get up the ambition to start the thing…  HOY!   OK, it’s an inside joke.  Would you like to know why we’re called ‘depressiods?’  It’s because it is very difficult for us in general, to show or feel any emotions at all; The truth of the matter is, we just don’t care anymore.; ‘Why make the bed?  I’m only going to sleep in it again tonight…’  ‘Why do people constantly wash dishes instead of buying paper plates?’  A question like that could haunt the depressed among us for weeks, even years, or at least until we can find a definitive answer.  So if you walk into the home of a depressed friend, and find him/her eating off paper plates, now you know why.  And since we’re easily, paralyzed by fear, the expression on your face ought to do that for us anyway…

We find ourselves doing all kinds of crazy things we never dreamed we’d do, and cutting out whatever tends to bother us.  If you are a pest, we will vanquish you forever!  If the sink is dripping, we’ll rip the plumbing out of the wall before we even consider making a phone call at 3am.  LOL!  You see, we are terrified of confrontation and enjoy being left to ourselves more than associating with others; too confusing, as can be, frying an egg.  Sometimes you’ll find yourself walking around in a circle, because you can’t decide what you want to do first!  Other times, you’ll refuse to wash a spoon!  It’s hard to say what our warped, little world will change into…  It largely  depends upon what’s happening outside of it…  We are dependent on The System and hate it!

Some people gravely mistake us for people putting on some kind of act, so we can avoid work.  They say that calling ‘Time-Out’ on account of depression is just an excuse: a cop out…  All I can say is, the day you can define a world we can comfortably work within, you let us know, and we’ll gladly leave the house!  OK?

The mentally ill aren’t cured by drugs.  They are cured by finding a true place in which to productively function within society…  We aren’t a big bunch of slouches; just a little confused about moving on in a world destroying itself that’s all.  Why should we care?  We see very little of that around us.  Here is a link to a page about the physical symptoms of depression: 

So you see, it is not the world that must change, it is us!  Most everyone!  The changing of the world will then naturally follow… Our big, hoard of depressoids would certainly have some answers for you, about how to improve this world.  No one can do it alone though.  No more than they can truly follow what Christ has to say, without a little confirmation from others..  As chumps, we still have some growing up to do…  As Christians, we should have known better.  That’s all I have to say on the matter!  LOL!  Here is an excellent video site on the topic:



9 thoughts on “Come explore my cage…

    • You could start a trend! People are going to say: ‘What’s that lady doing buying paper plates in the dead of winter? Awe! She wants to stalk up for the summer! Smart girl! I’m gonna get some too!’ Then, before you know it, people will be tossing their plates into the streets! :O)

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