Toronto’s Crack smoking Mayor

This, is not news…


This is ‘Info-tainment’  Who gives a flying rat’s dinner that The Mayor of Toronto smokes crack?  It’s ‘his’ life!  And as for the video of him loosing his temper, so what?  Anyone of us who have never lost it before?  Well then?

I don’t smoke it myself…  Just pot; for medicinal porpoises of corpse!  If I should happen to lite up, nothing happens except that I feel good and have this stupid grin on for an hour or so.  Get in a car drunk though, possibly could kill someone, and you’re liable to get away with it!  So The Mayor needs some recreation.  Tell me something I don’t know…

It never fails that the general populous can usually do anything they like, and generally get away with it.  Oh, don’t become famous in anyway and pee sideways though!  It will be on The News in moments!  Who gave anyone permission to blab his personal life all over the world anyway?  How would you like it?  Sure we blog every-day.  What we ‘want’ to say.

This is different though!  Please try to remember that not a one of us is perfect and should know better than to go around then, pointing fingers at everybody else, just because you can!  Judgment belongs to God!  Not a one of us is capable of judging another properly!  You’d think people have better things to do than fling smut wherever they can find it!  In jail they’re called ‘Finks’, and they kill them for that…  So don’t go calling people sick, as an excuse to rape them of their life;  not with the world you’ve left us, thank you very much!


3 thoughts on “Toronto’s Crack smoking Mayor

  1. i pray for mayor ford i wish they would leave him alone hes only human i dont use crack either but obviously mayor ford is self medicating because he is stressed out let him live a little. we are all at fault for something or other. nobody is perfect and i bet most of his critisisors are not perfect either , they just arent caught on on video. Someone Mayor ford trusted betrayed him with those videos which is really hurtful. God Bless and help mayor ford. he doesnt need a heart attack on top of it all. this is why we need to legalize pot its harmless and never EVER killed anyone.

    • Awe there! Now you have both male and female confirmation (and at least one of us is intelligent), that this kind of stuff is just so much fluff for somebody else. It amazes me how sometimes you condense my article into a comment. I love your choice of words like: ‘let him live a little’; a kind of: ‘Never never land’ so people will just never be able to grasp, for lack of hands on experience no doubt.

  2. Incidentally, you can leave a comment about the accusations Toronto’s Mayor is facing right now, on City TV’s site,,, It’s up to you, yet I would try to help the poor guy out, while everyone else is bad-mouthing him, so I can get recognized on TV! LOL!

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