How Helpless

How helpless we are;

to set the stage, and play the game.

How helpless by far;

to spend our rage, and take the blame.


How humble we are;

to view the sky, and see our place.

How humble by far,

to see a sigh, from outer-space.


How gentle we are;

to kill with guns, and physical pain.

How gentle by far;

to suffocate our lungs, and fill us with distain.




5 thoughts on “How Helpless

    • Take heart! Mankind is slowly beginning to open his eyes… We’re entering another spiritual age. People are beginning to see what can be accomplished when we all work together as a team. Marvelous new strides in all fields concerning well-being have exploded with new findings, quite literally everyday. Help is on the way. There “are” people who go where Angels fear to tread.

  1. The pain is completley dibiltating. Im gonna need to go to the Dr. then go for new xrays . my pain in unmanagble. burning grinding pinching and inflammation up the back of my head and neck. shoulders and back. and in my wrists and soles of my feet always hurt. it drives me to the edge of mental ability to cope with without screaming outloud. i have to sleep , ( i dont really sleep i have innsomnia ) with the window open and 2 fans cuz of night sweats and hot flashes, and past regrets and future worries. otherwise ima regular poor thing thats me.

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