How to build a better world

A lofty topic!

I may have a few lofty answers for you though;  First of all, we’d have to get rid of the humans we have now because most of these are defective models.  LOL!  Just kidding…  We would definitely need a new moral code; a new set of rules that humans can abide by, that promotes more unity  and communication, and hence less isolation from our fellow Man!  Not just so we can keep an eye on one another, but so we can interact more readily, to exchange ideas on a local level.  For this, communities will be built differently to provide for better communication, recreation etc..

As for national and international levels, newer computer technology will bring all peoples together for vastly improved connections to solution oriented services, uniquely tailored to any specific task at hand.  Robots should be assigned to assist on projects in order of priority.

Also, by virtue of necessity, we should feed the world and treat disease where we find it.  This not only insures our own protection from The Plague, The poor should also be educated in assisting him or her self.  It builds communities and returns hope to millions of people who would other-wise have none. 

If there are problems at home, we’d best attend classes on how to properly care for our children and abide by what we learn, for a more promising future.  And there are ways to administer appropriate discipline without striking the child…  A time out!  Reduction in privileges!  all kinds of ways to drive your point home.  And if violence is to discontinue later, we must first discontinue it amongst ourselves or at least break free from that environment to begin with!


The world could get together at The United Nations cafeteria, and design a comity to plan transportation for the food, Ministers and Teachers needed, as well as tools to work the ground and draw from the sea, and build homes for each other.  One dollar a week should just automatically come from everyone’s wages, and in return, we’d insist on taking those heart wrenching commercials of children starving to death, off the air, once and for all!  It’s about time we grew up, and truly addressed these problems for all time, for the betterment of everyone’s health! 

They are our fellow humans weather black, white, yellow, red or olive skin,  And we are obligated to help them, or we are no better than those who prey upon the rest of us!  We have the means but are lacking in action.  And war-zones are no excuse; if reporters can brave them, so can we!  Yes!  To have a better world, it means taking care of one-another, no matter what the cost.  So I’m afraid you’re going to have to break the cardinal rule of not getting involved. 

And supermarkets aren’t safe anymore.  So we should be growing our own food anyway.  Also, the ground needs one in seven years without planting to replenish the soil.  Many farmers don’t do that any more and use growth enhancing products that they probably got from the ground in the first place.

What about work?

Since robots will be taking care of most of the heavy toil, and since we spend far too much time making money, and are left with very little time to enjoy it,  half your time at work and half your time off is not only fair, it gives you time to properly nurture real families, and bring family ideals back!  We can’t have a better world unless we teach our children well, especially about proper conduct around others, because these ideals don’t stop at the front door, but are carried on into life.  We all know greed is the main culprit here.  Work is important, but so is living!

I would allow cloning…

The research involved holds the key to life and death, or at least to bring about the capacity to resurrect the dead.  It’s part of Biblical prophecy anyway.  DNA coding may bring back an exact replica of your dear departed mother, yet her character traits would be completely different.  However, this way, they will keep your brain at the point of death, slice it up and digitally record every aspect of you; every memory and experience!  Then they would place this captured essence in a better container, and place the container in a robot body that will never age, nor ever experience pain again, unless they can get a digital headache.  Not that you’re all that enthused about bringing your mother back.  LOL!

One World.

We need one world so that we can begin to make decisions on a global bases.  This way, even the wealth can be divided up so that everyone can live comfortably.  What good is a fully functional society, if everyone does not reap the benefits?  Besides, work should be based on productivity, on the bases of it being heart felt, and not by tickling peoples wallets.  All should have equal rights to Mankind’s plethora of inventions for a massive increase in progress and productivity,  and to fulfill the purpose of a true utopia, or it only amounts to us flapping our mouths off.  No one need be poor, or hungry, or sick anymore…  We should carry digital translators for every language, and then discuss how we can all have one religion that works; so the world can finally unite and forget their ways of war!  Since everyone will be treated equally, people will no longer need to steal from one another, or beg or contrive anything dastardly for that matter.  The Law will eventually become inescapable.

And everyone could then find more productive things to do on their time off…  And we should all get each other off the grid.  Cut them off!  We have satellite T.V. now.  We have solar panels and windmills to construct, and it will break you free from subservience to greedy cable companies and other monopolies.  And we can do it, if we all work together!  Those with money buys materials, and those without money build their own energy supply on their roofs using photo-voltaic cells that have been improved, and are now worth the investment.  We should beat our weapons into plow shears, and get busy being self sustaining!  Electric cars only!  LOL!  Tear down all borders so we can travel freely amongst ourselves.

Mob The Patent Office!

More of a stoppage on progress can not be found, other than The Patent Office!  Ironic isn’t it?  I mean, seeing as how they’re put there to protect and promote worthwhile inventions.  Such is not the case because The Fat Cats don’t want to divide up anything…  I told you, everything is backwards.  Well there’s 95% of us, and 5% of them.  Do the math…  I say we rush them, and I don’t care how rich they are, we need to revamp the entire system so that we can progress as a race and finally emerge from the stone age!  That is, if thou dust not protestith…  Always encourage people for what they can do, and soon you will see them doing what they can’t!  Unless you’d like to belittle them and get CRAP for your efforts?  Me?  I’m taking my own independence!  How would you change the world?  If you can’t decide. at least, what would be your first order of the day; your main peeve to tackle?



8 thoughts on “How to build a better world

  1. I figure the world was broken when i got here all i can do is hang on and hope for the best. I could use a partner to take on some of the battle. Its hard to do alone. im very tired of being alone in my struggles and pain. Screw the world its just a big unfair lonley painful place.

    • I do appreciate your honesty here Melissa. I feel much the same about it! You’re feeling lonely and bitter. Who knows what the future has in store for us? You’re still young; lots of living to do yet. Cheer up sweetie! I believe I’ll be over for a spot of tea tomorrow. I’m inviting myself. Is it OK?

  2. my pain gets to me sometimes its intollarable. i have had chronic pain for several years now. just drains me to cope. its excruciating most of the time

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