Mr. Wonderful!

No… It’s not about me…

It’s about the problems I’m having getting onto and how somebody gave me and intended gracious comment, and I got a little testy with him because my judgment was cloudy.  LOL!  I said to myself:  “So, by sharing his wisdom with me, he intends I look like a small,petty,greedy old miser!  I was wrong, and I’m a big enough Shmuck to admit it!  I owe a very special thank you to Mockingbird for his much needed assistance in bringing me out of my cloud of confusion!  And what better way to thank someone in this situation of mine, than to recommend their blog-site?  It’s not the greatest blog on WordPress just yet, but it’s an interesting read: No my friend.  It is I who owe you the apology!  He’s currently celebrating his fiftieth blog.  Click the link above and read all about it.

And what can I say about Melissa ( easily found on Facebook), your humor,depth of perception,extraordinary understanding and practice advice was not what I expected.  OK?  You are truly one of the closest friends I’ve ever had, and would stack you up against anyone, anytime!  You are one tender and thoughtful individual and one day someone’s going to walk up to you and say: “Here is your honor badge…  Follow me…”  I just know it!

And to my gracious spam friends…

Such a misunderstood group; just because you don’t want to plaster your wanted poster all over The Internet…  I understand, in most cases, you’re just like everybody else.  LOL!  I hope that came out OK?  Well, I can’t possibly list all of you here; however, I will continue to answer your comments and offer up my blessings:  “Lettuce Prey:  LARD; Three things I ask of thee:  That I see Thee more clearly.  That I love Thee more dearly, and that I can sneak away more nearly… I thank you all from the deepest pit of my intestines!  Blessings upon you all for spiritual support!  And…  One of you has come forward with some advice to offer. So keep popping up when and where you’re needed and who knows, maybe one day spam programs will grow to truly understand us…  Thank you ALL so much for your meaningful existence!

What are my future plans?

I’m not one to give up, that’s for sure…  The clock is ticking though.  I did manage to finally find and download MYSQL Wizard, which only gives me more spaces to fill in, but at least it tells me where…  It’s a 30 day trial virgin for Pete’s sake, so I’ve got 22 days left to fill in a lot of blanks…  There’s a place in The WordPress codex (Instruction file) that talks about the wizard.  I think I’ll take it from there and keep you posted!  By follow my blundering self along the way, you may just learn some ins and outs about the all impotent procedure involved in uploading a web-site.  We need to get beyond this first.  Yes?

P.S.  They prefer you name your site: rather than using: ‘’ in your address…



6 thoughts on “Mr. Wonderful!

  1. thank you for the kind words. i dont understand the technical side of blogging but I hope the problems can be resloved for you. My day starts and ends with checking your blog to see whats on your mind and up for discussion. you help me to expand my thoughts and stay connected to current events. What else is there if we cant have a stirring conversation to excite and inspire each other? The exchange of ideas and knowledge is like water and soil for plants. it nourishes us somehow, and it brings us closer together as individuals and as a community overall. Im looking forward to learning more from you and about you. Thanks for the hard work darrell. Cheers have a great day.

  2. Awww! I thank you so much. Glad to have helped you somehow.

    Fret not. No harm done. It was a beautiful exchange of reflections. I learned a lot in the process, too.

    Thanks again. This is truly humbling an experience.

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