Things come and go beyond our vision…

Here’s a for instance…

Who knows what entirely comes and goes throughout our world?  Do you?  More then likely NOT!  Still, if I were to tell you that I have a voice that is better than john’ Lennon’s voice was, you’d want to hear proof of that…  I can’t give you that because my voice has improved even beyond what I’ve recorded, and so, I can’t present you with actual, factual evidence….

Don’t listen to that crap!

What if I were to tell you though, that by now, with practice, my voice is actually better than John Lennon’s voice?  No only better, but witnessed as an actual fact?  You’d probably say: “Phooey!”   Let me hear it for myself!  So what?  I mean, I already know.  What if all the members in your band are calling you “The Singer”?  That might be a clue!  LOL!  What if you also have the creative ability to launch such a thing?  I’ll tell you now, I just don’t care anymore…  I have a disk I made in Detroit for $2500.  And I really don’t care.  I listen to me sometimes, for my own enjoyment.  LOL!  So odd!  I mean, I feel like it’s a form of vanity, so I seldom do listen to myself.  Though, when I do, I’m amazed too.  LOL!

Here’s The Problem.

It’s very exciting for me, and all that slop!  Yet, you have to imagine…  I’m 61 years old!  Why’s an old fudd like me ever gonna become famous for? Huh?  I play wild on the guitar (I’m all over the board… )  Yet,  if I were to become well known, that would destroy me anyway!  Perhaps the whole matter of the fact is, I’m just too old for that sort of thing now…  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Things come and go beyond our vision…

  1. your music is a great hobby even if you dont become famous. you enjoy your sessions with the band thats all that counts. i once thought I would become somebody to help make the world a better place but being disabled ended my dreams. I heard your cd “My Tofu” and its a great accomplishment. It must give you some satisfaction i mean after all the rest of us dont have a cd. Ihaving dreams and hobbys like yours are the reason that life is worth living. that is to say, if we dont dream and have goals life is just a bummer. we must have some pleasures in life. or you’ll end up like me with nothing that matters in life. I say keep singing as long as it makes you happy before the goverment taxes happiness.

    • You’ve done it again Melissa! You have this great way of clearing the air for me! Why is that? You have lot’s that matters! You’re like a Guru to me! “Guruess”? You have two great sons! Whenever I think about loosing my children to that stupid religious poop group I was in, I immediately fall into a a mass of quivering jello! And I’m one of the “many” who loves you Hun! Without your timely advise, what would I do? What could I do but wimper? LOL!

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