I’ve got news for you…

Life makes me gag!

What is it that every, single, thing Mankind gets his hands on, turns into a stinking, pile of useless slop?  You see, I’m between a decision here, if I should stay or go, and I think I should go.  I’ve lost all my followers but 17, because things like Hackers, Malware, Viruses and Bill Gates ruins The Internet experience for everyone anyway.   I look at it as just a waste of money now.  The Net’s totally commercialized, <Gag!>

I know you don’t care all that much about what I write.  You never comment,  and I get very few likes anyway…  Look.  That this entire planet is a bunch of rat crap, is no surprise to me anyway.  When I think of all the suffering in the world today, my pains are merely dust in the wind.  All I am is dust in the wind.  In the grand scheme of things, I don’t even count!  Knowing just how big this Universe is, is one way of knowing just how petty and tiny we really are!  And now they’re saying that another Universe had to have bumped into ours to cause any big bang to begin with; and here I thought ours was big enough…

Maybe its me…

Or maybe its just me becoming bitter in my old age…  Or maybe the entire picture looks too ugly to me…  I don’t buy into the philosophy of; work your guts out, buy stuff, and watch it rot before your eyes!  In fact, there’s so many defective items out there right now, they must be getting 10 year olds to make them.  I’m talking brand new pieces of garbage!  I just got a new toaster, and the bottom trays won’t stay in.  Dah!

“Take it back!”you say, yet don’t you think they should have got it right in the first place if it’s on the market?  Where are the people who monitor these things?  Out getting something fixed?  And who compensates me for the hassle?  And if everything truly is horse plucky to begin with, really then…  What’s the point?  What’s the point of really doing anything?  If I sit on my glutinous Maximus all the time, I’ll rot too!  So what’s left to do but wander around like the aimless monkey that I am?

Good isn’t good enough.

Just being good at something won’t get you anywhere in this world!  You say you have talent?  So what?  Talent is everywhere!  No.  You have to be great!  And there are very few of those.   And don’t spit sideways, or you’ll be arrested, and thrown in with the orangutans!  What’s that leave?  You have to be a heartless, greedy, conniving “snake in the grass” to have any porpoise on this &^%$ing rock!

Goodbye cruel world…

I think I’d be better off putting a bag over my head and stand in front of an oncoming Mac.  Or better still, I should just ignore the entire place and see what happens to me.  I’ll probably evaporate!  I’d like to stand under a small nuke; just enough to evaporate singles…  If they’d only invent a spacecraft that can momentarily reach speeds of a hundred miles per second, I could hitch a ride on a wayward asteroid and find my own home planet, beyond the level of “Apes ‘R’ US”…  Of corpse I’d have to bring along a bottle of Evian, which we all know is naïve spelt backwards…

Or,  I could just listen to Celine Dion until my ear drums pop!  There’s lots of cool ways to do away with yourself…  Just eat spinach!  LOL!  You’ll get coli, and problem solved…  Whatever you do, don’t comment on my site.  The shock alone would kill me!  Yet ya know?  I don’t think you could let an opportunity like that pass you by!

I like burgundy.

And I’d like a spring on my back that flips me up in the coffin,  just so I can scare the pants off someone!  I leave all my camera equipment to Canon, so that they can figure out why it costs so much.  I leave all my musical equipment (including rubber bands) to Bonehead  <Sniff!> ; truly the biggest pest I’ve known!  To Leslie, the nightmare of my dreams, I leave good vibes!  Stay well Leslie, and prosper…  To Marcus Lascivious Crassus,  I leave permission to run the world, so you can see just what a batty job it is…  Just cross the border, knock on The Whitehouse door, and tell them Spartacus2030 sent you…  Peace to everyone…  Sentient Earthlings…



14 thoughts on “I’ve got news for you…

  1. hey darrell i feel your frustration and know it well. i think being disabled takes a big toll on us constantly struggling with poverty, stigmas from society, and dealing with your disablilty itself makes life hard enough. the we have to put up with more laws than regular people which puts us at a disadvantage. the disability workers are usually cruel and heartless mosters who must have been bullies in school. i say to heck with measuring up to meet the worlds standards because the world is too corrupt. our goverment doesnt give us proper respect or proper compensation. You are a wonderful smart intelligent man with a heart of gold. dont let the rat race bring you down too much. We ( people from the dented can section) have to stick together and support each other. i noticed im not in your last will and testiment. so it will suffice to say bonehead i hope you enjoy your inheritence, marcus runs the world in his mind already and im a friend whoes door is always open to you for a coffee and chat and I look forward to your insight each day . keep your creative juices flowing i really enjoy a good philisophical exchange of ideas.

    • I thought Marcus ruling the world would suffice for you as well… I mean, wouldn’t some of his sparkles land on you? LOL! Maybe not… If I didn’t have my head on crooked, I’d say you care about me. Well, I’ll see what I can do; that is, for you 17 that still exist,

  2. I can’t believe it! It says in my stats that I have 90 followers again :O) I think a lot of it has to do with your comment Melissa! You have quite the way with words… I found that quite helpful! You ARE a good friend! Thank you! And rest well my friend! I’ll look for juices…

  3. “Being good isn’t good enough. I’ll be the best or nothing at all.” ~Barbra Streisand

    Your insight on being the best reminds me so much of a character from a novel I’ve read in high school — Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus. Stripe ( a caterpillar) got so interested in what was at the top of a pile of squirming caterpillars that he decided to be heartless and selfish in order to get to the top. It was that or not see the top at all. Yellow on the other hand — another character — thought that there’s more to life than the pile climb. Stripe, not convinced, left his beloved Yellow only to find out that there is nothing really at the top.

    Fame, wealth, power — they don’t really make us happy in the end. So I guess it’s not about getting to somewhere or reaching the top. It’s about being happy.

    Yes, I am talented. And you are, too. That’s something to celebrate, isn’t it?

    • I would agree! What you say makes perfect sense to me. I hope you don’t think I’m the selfish type, that wants such things… I know full well what you’re saying, should rightly apply to all of us; if only it did. I live in the real world, not that of fables. To some people, making it to the top is what will make them happy… Fortunately my friend, I am not one of those either. You speak through wisdom, and I must there-fore agree!

      • I apologize. It’s not my intention to compare you to Stripe — not at all. I was just trying to make connections in order to share what I think about the subject. The post really made me ponder and it only means that it is thought provoking. Glad I stopped by today! 🙂

  4. No Mockingbird! Tis I who should apologize! See? This is what I mean about comments being so important. They clear the air of so much misunderstanding; most especially on my part, because I get into these dreams (like a big kid) that I should have set out to accomplish long ago, instead of just hanging out (being a Hippy). I suppose I just wanted everybody to know I missed my calling :O(

    Hey! Thank you so much for the beautiful illustration, and tying all up so well. Please understand, you’re message was great! It took the edge right off and helped me to grow back up. Us old-folk like to dream a lot about what could have been. So we become big kids again. It’s this and nothing more. Your input did a major job on me and a appreciative it fully! And I thank you kind Sir! Input! It’s just what I need; another human perspective! Alright!!!

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