What am I doing?

I always like to relay my experiences to you; Then if you should chance upon it. you might have a better indication of what to do.  In this case though, I can guarantee no such thing…  To begin with, I got the entire concept all wrong!  LOL!  I thought that you made your web-site right off your drive.  I had no idea that I have to have a web-site to connect to in the first place before I even set up my web-site.  My mistake…  Undo able unless I start again.

Why the unprecedented conundrum?

I can truly understand that has plenty of things to deal with as it is…  What I don’t understand, is why they present such an enigma (a problem wrapped within a riddle…) to solve, just so you can get on to begin with!  I don’t understand why they give you a:  phpconfig.php file that is completely empty, accept that you have to provide the HTML code to make it work for you.  And I have no idea…

Like I told them on forum” I’m a designer, not a developer, so it’s a whole new language to me…”  I’m trying to load up a site that they recommend you download…  There’s so many folders in this download, you’ll think you’re going shopping, just to find the web-sites themselves, buried beneath a lot of computer language, I’m just supposed to fill in off the top of my hat!, we’re not looking to build the Internet as designers, just web-sites…

Don’t forget MYSQL

They have a perfectly useless program for that, so don’t bother downloading it; it does everything but tell the server for wordpress exactly where your “MYSQL ?” whatever, is…  Don’t bother going to the forum either.  I only got one reply that said: “I don’t know what I’m doing either…”

Still trying, even though it’s useless…

You’ll have a lot more providence for hooking up if you tell Dreamweaver CS3 to hook up through an HTTP “Tunnel” then through a stupid FTP plug-in for Firefox…  First off, I thought I could make my site up like this: http://designer***  But I had it backwards, cuz like I told you before, the world thinks backwards, and I think forwards.

And another thing; you can’t add a slash at the end of your website address…  I wanted a slash!  <Boo-who!>   They tell you it’s five simple steps…  Well that’s a bunch of hooey !   (What’s hooey anyway?)  I mean, I didn’t have anything before this mess, so what have I got to loose?

My Sanity!

Look!  I start off in a deep depression anyway.  The definition of which, shouldn’t concern you, since it never has before.  I will tell you this much;  The very nature of depression tries to stop you from making any decisions at all!  Plus I have this theory that since we’re all so genetically close to chimpanzees, 98.2 percent the same genetically, why not just admit we’re primates and communicate as such: “WHO WHO WHO EEEEEE EEEEEE EEEEEE!’’

It may just as well be the same for me as an Ape, to try and hook up to just now…  I wanted to be with them because they have plug ins to fight against Hackers and I’m afraid they’re going to drop my site at because of it…  I do know what I’m doing, though, nobody else does!  I think, if I grasp a little more about Dreamweaver, I’ll see just where my limitations are…  I just don’t see any point in living like a monkey…



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