Love makes me sick!


Attention Ladies and Germs!

T’is the season for the transmission of various flu bugs…  Don’t get me wrong, it looks like she’s getting a laugh out of it anyway…  LOL!  Listen, I’ve been through enough romantic interludes to know what works and what doesn’t…  For quite a while there, for instance, I thought right and wrong were very important subjects, until you actually try to tell a woman how right you are.  You soon find out, they don’t very much care about what you feel you’re right about.  They’re more interested in what level of commitment you have; You must treat a woman in a manner to which she has become accustomed, or she can very well turn on you!

When you’re young and you catch the flu: a little chicken soup, a slop bucket, a compassionate look and someone sucking on your toe, is all you need to eventually regain your health…  When you’re older though, you may need to be resuscitated before breakfast, and that’s when you’re well!  The slightest <AAACHOOO!!!> from your mate and it could be signaling a death sentence for the both of you. 

Recommendations for the elderly:

1.) Stop kissing your pets on the mouth; It is a proven fact we contract many diseases from animals.  It’s best to keep them off of counter tops as well, or any-place you serve food.

2.) Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually good for you to go out often in the fall and winter time!  It helps to keep you active as well, which in turn strengthens your immune system.

3.) Wear gloves when you go out.  Doorknobs and handles and escalators rails etc.. are all full of coli!  And after you take your gloves off when you get home, wash your hands.  In fact, you should be washing your hands at least twice a day this time of year…

4.)  Eat whale blubber!  LOL!

Romance and Excitement

It can sometimes be the driving force behind a young romance…  I’d sooner stick my head in the oven, but HEY! When you’re young, sex can be very appealing in more ways than one.  And I haven’t forgotten how:  “It just burns like such a flaming desire; and only her kiss, can put out the fire!”


I’m not as attracted anymore…

Just look at how surprised this elderly lady is to be kissed at all, let alone by the Janitor.  I just assume it’s a Janitor; her husband wouldn’t do that without mouthwash and a thorough check-up by a pedestrian.  Or perhaps a Police search would suffice?  And men become so much more like little kids again…

I guess what I’m trying to say is:  “If that’s moving up, then I’m moving out!”  I’m moving out…  In one month, I won’t be here, I’ll be there.  So I may be down temporarily.

She came and sat by the computer here, and sobbed like a baby, that this all is happening.  It made me feel like two cents…  If I give into that though, I could never leave!  Awe #@%$!!! I hate having to be like this!  Life’s little tests has been putting me through major exams for a while now!  All I want is a little peace and quiet, so I can stop shaking; I’m beginning to look like a Chihuahua in heat…

Yet, I feel much older than I actually am now…  I’ve gained a lot of weight, I’ve lost my health and peace of mind, and I’m just not happy here.  She only makes me feel bad about myself and the sadness and constant tears overwhelm me.  It’s time I were independent for a change anyway…  You know?  I should break free from the chains and all that malarkey!  Plus, she always pesters me…


4 thoughts on “Love makes me sick!

  1. best wishes for the future i hope you keep blogging stay strong and eat healthy. your friends care about you and even though this relationship didnt work, you will have time to emmerse yourself in things to make you happy and allow you to grow as a person. best regards

    • Well thank you Melissa! I feel like you’ve just welcomed me in… I will do my best to make sure all goes well for all parties concerned. And thank you so much for this beautifully spoken message!

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