Beware: The Splinter-Net!


Mr. Gates and Internet troubles…

He told us all, that if we had and used the Metro virgin of a program, from our Start Page, it would be protected because Metro Programs are supposed to be incased in a box, so nasty malware, or viruses or any other trouble makers can’t get in.  He assured us of that!  Well, someone or something has invaded my box! (<blushing> I feel so ashamed…).

There are all of these pop up advertisements that are blocking me from viewing my notifications because four or five pop-up windows appear first, and prevent notifications from updating!  They won’t allow me into stats either, and most likely any tools at all.  I’ve been cut off from it all by flashing screens telling me I have no drive space left, some porno stuff, and games pop-ups etc..  It’s all over the rest of the Web too, and within all my browsers!  I’ve turned into one, big T.V. advertisement Surprised smile

Windows Defender?

Don’t you trust it!  That stupid program has been telling me my computer is trouble free all along, while viruses and malware were busy taking over my system…  Here is where you can find “Avast” for free:  I highly recommend you go there and find out if you’re not already infected with something.  It will help keep naked women off your P.C.  Emmm…  Let me reiterate that!  It’s a great source of protection, and, if you let your friends know, you can chance to get their Premium Version for FREE!


The Good Old Days!

Above, is a picture of an old-style computer; People would all gather round.  We’d have a meal, a Budweiser, and it all made for a good chat-room…  Nobody had to buy anything!  We had our choice between shysters and real people!  And there wasn’t an advertisement to be seen!  Not anymore.  Times have changed.! I feel a little sorry for the younger crowd, because they’ll never know how pleasant browsing was, before The Business Community got ahold of it.  Now nothing’s free!  They own your computer!  And it will eventually crash, if I keep using The Splinter-Net!

There’s safety in The Cloud

There is safety in The Cloud, but you have to buy into it though!  So now, buying a P.C. and hooking up to some expensive Provider (Provider:  an abstract term meaning deaf,dumb and blind.) is no longer enough.  Now you need Bill Gate’s Cloud (which might be coming from another orifice then we’re aware of.) or you too will fall victim to greedy, Splinter-Net, Web-Page, Thieves!  And once they have you, there’s no getting rid of them.

I can still Blog through Writer, which I’m doing right now.  And I can still read and answer comments on the posts themselves.  There are no pop-ups there… yet…  Mean-while, I think I may have to resort to Tech-Support Surprised smile


2 thoughts on “Beware: The Splinter-Net!

  1. Hi Darrell i heard you’re moving. i guess you will have to get internet hooked up there so we dont miss your blogs. good luck bring the cleaning supplies and elbow grease.

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